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If you went to you would expect to find parts for amps and guitars.  But you’d also be blown away by everything else that they have. D.I.Y. pedal kits, luthier tools, speakers, reverb tanks, just to name a few things. You’d also find a huge selection of pickups. The pickups in question include, but are not limited to Gibson ‘57, Gretch Filtertron. Not to mention, stellar deals on Lace pickups.

Great tone for a great price.

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Speaking of Lace pickups, I’ve always wanted to hear their Alumitone Deathbuckers and “Drop N Gains.” offers a detailed description and specs of every pickup that they carry. So, you’ll never have to worry about routing out your guitar to fit your new pickups once you get them. also recently introduced me to Porter pickups. Apparently, they are hand wound pickups that boast smooth cleans and a bit of bite when you push them. I still have a lot of homework to do on Porter Pickups, but I promise you I’ll be drinking a Guinness while doing so.


See what I did there?

The meat and potatoes of, has to be the tubes. A search for tubes will yield 106 pages different tube options. That’s a hell of a lot of tubes. were kind enough to supply with tubes to test out and show off their warm fuzzy glow…. And tone. There are many brands and models, but this is a corner of the musician market that does not cater to the eccentric tastes of musicians with silly bells and whistles. Tubes are about tone. Plain and simple. While it almost seems a little alien to me that tubes are not available in a plethora of colors or clown faces when almost everything thing else is made to be aesthetically pleasing, nobody can see inside of your amp from the front row. But they can hear what those tubes are doing. And at, you’ll find quality tubes for any tone.

Take EL34s for example.

EL34, which we all know is Spanish for “The 34” (not really) have a thicker sound that’s known to complement Jazz to hard rock with their mids and lows. The EL34 is what you would reach for if you were looking for vintage or British tones. From the Yardbirds to Iron Maiden, this is the tube that will help them knickers fly at ya.

Or, how about some 6L6s?

Looking for the iconic scooped sound of modern metal? That’s where the 6L6’s come in. Genre wise, the 6L6 is an everyman’s tube in my not-so-humble opinion. The twang of a telecaster will match the edge of a rapier and shatter glass if you will it. Or if your musical palate is on the darker side, then may your riffs carry the weight of Mjölnir. Anything from Blues to Death Metal, this bad boy will hold true while you trudge the drop B tuning.

Looking to go deeper? Check out the KT88!

If you wish to push that low end even further with the KT88. Better suited for bass amps but it will not hurt to pop it in to further complement a seven-string guitar or any six-string with a Lace “Drop N Gain” pickup. could just as easily be called With amp components, guitar parts, tubes, tools, D.I.Y. Pedals, and anything else that you could possibly think of that has anything to do with guitar, is intent on keeping players stocked with whatever they need to keep rocking.


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