A Cable Kit That’s A Cut Above

RockBoard’s PatchWorks Solderless Patch Cable Set Takes Things in New Directions.



My desk is a mess, my dresser drawers are a calamity, and even the box where I stash my spare picks and strings looks like a mini-tornado hit it, but my pedalboard wiring is a clean as newly fallen snow. I can grudgingly tolerate clutter in many aspects of my life (I can see TTK cringing now), but a jumbled knot of pedalboard cabling is not an option for me. Not only does a well-wired pedalboard look professional and sound better (because unnecessary excess cable-length is eliminated), this writer believes it’s also more reliable and less prone to failure.


Manufacturers seem to have realized this too, and have answered the call with a plethora of cabling kits available for purchase. As usual, our friends over at RockBoard by Warwick are giving everyone else a run for their money with their brand new PatchWorks Solderless Patch Cable set.


The heart of the PatchWorks set is a high-quality, compact quarter-inch plug with adjustable orientation.  Simply loosen the securing mechanism in the center of the plug, swivel it straight or a full ninety degrees, tighten it up, and you’re ready to begin building. There’s no need to stock two different types of plugs, making quick pedalboard cabling modification easy and efficient. Additionally, the ability to customize the orientation of the plug means you can significantly reduce strain on cable-lug connection points, increasing service and reliability. PatchWorks plugs are also gold-tipped to resist corrosion and maintain signal integrity, and available in both gold and chrome to perfectly complement whichever color of Klon Centaur you happen to be using that week.


The cabling is what you expect from a premium manufacturer like RockBoard: a flexible, oxygen-free conductor surrounded by tinned, braided shielding for for low-capacitance, low-noise performance that’s especially important in pedalboard patch cables, given their close proximity to other cabling and power supplies. The cables also don’t require stripping so quick, on-the-fly builds are headache-free. Throw a couple of extra plugs and an extra length of cable into your gig bag, and you’ll be ready to add a new pedal to your board at a moment’s notice.


As many of know first-hand, many signal-chain problems can originate with the pedalboard. So it pays to have it squared away with solid connections and appropriately sized and spec’d cabling. Every aspects of RockBoard’s PatchWorks solderless cable set is designed with reliability, ease of use, and quality sound in mind. Heck, if PatchWorks can keep this writer organized, it’ll work wonders for your rig as well!


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