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30 Pedals in 30 Days 2014: Rocktron Micro Hush and Hush 2X


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Sure, being loud is important in Rock but so is knowing when to keep quiet. Nothing kills the effect of big chunky chords like hiss, squeals or hum in between. decided to take a break from all of the noise and see what silence sounds like with Rocktron’s Hush 2X and Micro Hush.

 Rocktron has been around since the beginning of time. Well, the beginning of the time of guitar pedals at the least. Back in the refrigerator days, everybody had a rackmounted hush unit. And, there was a reason for that.

The Original Gangsta Hush brought a new era of articulation. Players could turn up louder unhindered by the loud wails and hisses that had plagued their playing before the Rocktron Hush. And, we all like loud. Don’t we class?

rocktron_hush_micro_01Freeing the Hush from the confines of a rack was just a matter of time. Now that players have moved their gear from racks to the floor, Rocktron’s Hush was quick to follow. But as we all know, on the floor, space can be a problem.

Enter the Micro Hush. I’m sure there’s a point where technology will be able to build pedals that utilize negative space, but until that day, the Micro Hush is about as micro as it gets. One in and one out with one Threshold knob don what used to take an entire rack space to fit. This little beast can take whatever your amp can throw at it.

Now that space has been conquered, let’s look at what you get if you move up a bit in size with the Hush 2X.


Double your pleasure of the Micro Hush with the Hush 2X’s two in and two out and two Threshold knobs. Giving players the option to rt_hush2x__01433.1406659457.1280.1280use one for front of amp duty while the other can be used for an FX loop. Or, the second can be used for an entirely different amp. Players that are looking to jump back and forth between a subtle blues overdrive and a hard-hitting balls-to-the-wall distortion should be lining up for the Hush 2X. Instead of being limited by one Threshold knob and trying to find a sweet spot that lets the blues ring out long enough while killing the wailing leads before you hit noise city, players can designate a specific Hush to each loop.

I could go on and tell you how the Micro Hush and the Hush 2X are true bypass or how Rocktron has been the biggest innovator of Hush technology since the beginning, but you know that already. Rocktron has already earned their place in history. Anytime they have something to say, you can bet that is going to listen. Who knew that one of the most impressive pedals for 30 Pedals in 30 Days 2014 would be so quiet.

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