30 Pedals in 30 Days – 2014 Randall THRASHER Amp


Welcome to The Tone King’s 6th annual 30 Pedals in 30 Days!

For 2014, The Tone King teamed up with Randall Amplifiers as the official sponsor for the event! We understand the importance of having reliable baseline amps to demo and compare pedals with, and it helps when those amps kicks all sorts of ass! For this year, the go-to amp in all video demos will be the Randall THRASHER and the Randall 667!

Randall Giveaway

Like any event, it wouldn’t be fun without some cool giveaways. For 2014, we’ve got our biggest giveaways yet! Everyone will have 30 chances at winning some cool stuff. At the end of the event, a winner will be chosen for every day of 30 Pedals in 30 Days, 2014! What’s even cooler than that? Well, how about this?  If you’re one of the 30 winners chosen at the end of the event, you’ll also be automatically entered into the drawing for the grand prize!

How to Participate (in 3 easy steps)

  1. Each day, starting November 1st, TTK will be posting a pedal demo on the Official TTK YouTube Channel. Watch the video.
  2. Each day during the event, Randall will post a corresponding question on the Official Randall Facebook page. Retrieve the question.
  3. Finally, Answer the question on TTK’s YouTube Video page or the Randall Facebook page  – or both if you’re that bold!

30 SWAG Prizes and 1 Grand Prize

At the end of the event (first week of December 2014), the good folks at Randall and TTK will review all of the answers and pick 30 winners.  Why at the end of the event?  So, everyone out there in YouTube land will have a chance to watch the videos and answer the questions!

Each of the 30 winners will win Randall SWAG (a hat, beanie, etc.) sent directly from Randall Amps.

Then, all 30 winner names will go into a hat for a drawing of the grand prize.  “What’s the GRAND PRIZE?” you might ask.

Well, how about one of these!



That’s right! A RANDALL THRASHER AMP!  In fact, it’s the EXACT AMP that I will be using in the 30 Pedals in 30 Days event!

Just to be clear, you have 30 opportunities to win something. Plus, if you’re one of the lucky 30 who get picked,  you have a 1 in 30 shot at winning a KICK-ASS RANDALL THRASHER AMP!

TIP : * Not required or necessary, but for easy & auto-updates – you may want to LIKE the Randall Facebook Page and / or Subscribe to TTK’s YouTube Channel.

RandallThrasherHead-FeaturedHow Cool Is That?

Isn’t that easy? No names. No email addresses. No spam.  Just an opportunity to win some killer new gear. All you have to do is watch the daily episode of 30 Pedals in 30 Days, retrieve  the daily question from Facebook, and then post your answer on the FB or YouTube page. Easy breezy!

If you dig all of the hard work we’ve done for you, then here are some ways you could thank us.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Randall Amplifiers, AmpTweaker, Budda, Digitech, DOD, Dunlop, Earthquaker DevcicesFuchs, Goodtime Music, Ibanez,  Korg, MaxonModKitsDIY, ModTone, Morley, P.o.BRadial, Randall, Rocktron, Sonic Fusion, Sweetwater, VFE, Visual SoundWampler & ZVEX.  Special thanks to the as yet to be named surprizes that are coming down the pike. We don’t want to spoil all the fun, now do we?

Official Give-Away & Promo Videos



Give-Away :


Event will run November 1st – November 3oth 2014. Winners will be selected during the first week of December 2014.  Winners will be contacted via YouTube and/or Facebook. Please make sure you can receive messages through YouTube and/or Facebook accounts. Winners will have up to 5 days to respond. If we are unable to contact the winner within 5 days, another winner will be selected. Winners may be announced on any Randall or TTK Channel.  Winners per video will win Randall SWAG (a beanie, etc.).  Item will be mailed directly from Randall Amplifiers.  Grand Prize is the Randall Thrasher Amplifier as used in the 30 Pedals in 30 Videos set, and will be sent directly by TheToneKing.com.  Only 1 grand prize. Grand prize may be announced up to 30 days after the event to assure we have made contact with all 30 winners. Please be patient and cool. Prize can take 4-6 weeks to arrive. Prizes are as-is with no implied warranty. Prize has no cash value, and no substitution of prizes allowed. Odds of winning prize are dependent on the amount of entries at time of selecting a winner. Not responsible for computer error or outage that may directly affect this give-away. Any applicable taxes, including all international, federal, state, local and other taxes and any license, destination and delivery / shipping charges are the responsibility of the winner. This contest is void where prohibited. (Check your local laws). Please be of legal age to participate or have a parent or guardian enter on your behalf. (Check your local laws). For MSRP information, please visit Manufacturer website : http://www.randallamplifiers.com/. Any questions – please email info @ TheToneKing.com.  Thank you, Good Luck and Rock ON!