ZVEX Pedals Box of Metal & Rock Distortron Mastotron Fuzz Factory 30 Pedals Day #15 NAMM 2011 ’11

5 Pedals in 10 minutes? YES!!! Want to know how I record Audio … keep reading …

Boys & Girls – I covered these pedals in the past, but as most of you know – the audio quality has gone from a camcorder mic to a full blown DAW recording rig. For those interested, I record most of my demos into a 4×12 with low wattage speakers (break-up at low volume), mic’d up by a Shure SM57, a Sennheiser e609 and an Audio Technica AT2020, going into a Mackie MultiMix USB 2.0, into Sonar. The audio is then sync’d w/ the video, and I use a Power Mute to kill the vocals when I’m ready to record the audio (less mix down in the end). Anyway – lots of folks ask what I use … and that’s the answer. Now, being that yesterday (Day #14 I covered the Inventobox by ZVEX, I figured I’d re-record the other ZVEX pedals I had here, with better audio. I know, I know … don’t beat me up on my playing … but rather, this video is to serve as an accurate audio sample of the pedals! I hope you enjoy the video!

And, don’t forget, in celebration of 30 Pedals in 30 Days, you can opt-in to win a Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler : https://thetoneking.com/gear-give-away/dec10-line6-m13/

Thank you.

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