Why I’m returning the Panasonic X920 HC-x920 920

Sooo … after a full day of trying out the new camera – it’s going back.

In a nutshell – here is why:

1) Low Light setting gives me background jitter. Low Light is supposed to be a huge feature of this camera, and it doesn’t work that good.

2) iPhone as an all-time remote control is cumbersome.

3) When you flip the display – the controls don’t appear.

4) When you flip the display back – it hits the HDMI cable

5) Lumix acct to use UStream? Doesn’t make sense …

6) 60P brought my PC to a crawl … making me realize i don’t need 60P. 30fps if more than adequate.

Hope this helped you all out.
Looks like I’ll be chillin’ w my Canon for a little while longer.

Thanks for all of the comments & feedback!

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