Why I chose the PANASONIC X920 over CANON

Sooo, I upgraded my video camera – and I must say – it was a super challenging task. I spent lots of time trying to figure out the best one for my needs – and I found it!

I went with the Panasonic HC-X920.

It’s Full HD, It works with UStream directly. Name brand Lens. Excellent megapixel Photos. Great in low light (being that is has 3 sensors), etc.

It also has the core requirements like a MIC input which is critical for my interviews, anti-shake – and cool features like remote control with an iPad / iPhone – so if your camera is on a boom to catch the perfect stage shot above the crowd – this one can do it!

PLUS – Being that most of my work is on video – it’s nice having a fully featured camera – so I don’ have to carry around 2 units. And, this does manual focus which is awsome.

So – I hope you enjoy the unboxing and full explaination of the ultimate YouTube / UStream / high end prosumer camcorder video camera.

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