Vola Guitars – Giving Your Artistic Life a Voice

Giving Your Artistic Life a Voice

Vola Guitars Combines Sound and Vision for a Truly Elevated Playing Experience

“When designing our models, we are always thinking of how this might inspire someone create their own voice and make it their own.”

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Those are the words of Greg Lienhard, one of Vola’s Guitars designers. Vola Guitars is relatively new company that may be based out of Hong Kong, though the Vola crew jokingly likes to say that they’re really based “on Earth.” It’s an inside gag referring to how quickly the brand has taken over the globe. But Lienhard, along with co-founders Shawn Cho and Ryan Wong, are quickly overtaken many of the old guard high-performance builders with their radical finishes and body shapes, versatile tones, and exceptional playability.


“Shawn has worked in the industry for almost twenty years. Starting in a small shop, he learned first how to build a guitar with the highest quality and attention to detail,” Lienhard told TheToneKing.com via email. “Throughout the years, he has worked for a few large companies and helped create some of the iconic guitars. In 2015, he decided to branch off on his own and bring his designs and inspirations to his own company.” Thus, Vola was created.


The word “Vola” stands for “Voice of Life and Arts,” which is an accurate description of the life of a musician. No matter whether you’re a beginner or a an expert, playing gigs to thousands or playing for nothing except your own personal enjoyment and satisfaction, Vola Guitars are designed to give voice to everyone’s inner artistic and musical expressions.


If you’ve taken a look and and a listen to TTK’s Vola Blaze and Oz MF, you already know they’re bringing an exciting new element to the gear marketplace. The Oz MF balances sweet, classic aesthetics with modern curves and contours, while the Blaze breaks the mold with amazing colorways that eschew the usual single-color and natural finishes that have become commonplace.


Throughout Vola’s line, one can see all of the other touches that are both practical and beautiful. On the Vasti, Vola’s take on a single-cut T-style guitar, Tone Lounge friend and terrifying guitar troubadour Robert Baker loves the “fin,” a re-shaped lower cutaway that also serves an ergonomic purpose by keeping the guitar secure when playing in a seated position. It’s not just a meaner version of a ’50s era design; it’s functional, too. Baker has also has great words for his Vola Zenith, complete with light-up fret markers.


I keep falling in love with this guitar,” said Baker. “The [fret markers] light up!” Of course, RB talked about the great workmanship, attention to detail, top quality woods, and the massive, rocking tones. But the fretmakers…they light up! We love that! That seems like a mere visual thing, but it really serves the cool aesthetics that great electric guitars are supposed to exhibit. Combine that with Vola’s insane finishes, and you can see they’re really building something special.


YouTube guitarist extraordinaire David Walliman has also been digging his Vola Oz.   “I think it’s going to become one of my main guitars. I really, truly like it a lot.”


The great news for guitar players in the U.S. is that Vola Guitars will now be widely available on our shores. In fact, our good friends in Southern California, the Lienhard Brothers are lending their luthier talents to the Vola line, ensuring superb the superb construction and top-notch quality control this young brand is already known for.


“We are very excited to be working with our ever growing group of dealers. With that, we will be doing some showcases and clinics at certain stores. This will be a great way for everyone to meet some of the team and get their hands on some of our guitars,” Lienhard said.  “We have a couple new additions coming later this year to the Vola guitar line-up, so be sure to follow us and stay tuned to see what we have up our sleeves!”



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