TTKs Pimp My Plexi (Bugera 1960) Part III – The Final Word!

Dear TTKers, as you know, I’ve been doing lots of work, and getting lots of coverage on the Bugera 1960. It has a street price of $450, and is a fun amp if you want to enjoy the bliss of real world / real artist mods.

This time, I had Dennis Kager perform some magic, and put a MASTER VOLUME and FULL / HALF power mod to it – which really lets you take it down to ‘reasonable’ volumes, so you can enjoy the cranked sound of a ‘plexi’, without having to pull tubes, or buy an attenuator. Perfect for bedroom / house playing, going into a 1×12 or smaller cabinets, etc.

I hope you enjoy the video. PLEASE RATE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE!

Signed, The Tone King!

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