TTKs Complete Bugera 1960 ‘Pimp My Plexi’ Mod Series

Below, you will find the COMPLETE Series and Information on The Tone King’s PIMP MY PLEXI, Bugera 1960 series.  ENJOY!

Pimp My Plexi – Video #1

Topic of discussion  : Getting MORE out of your Bugera 1960 style Plexi Amplifier; by pulling tubes, and/or using an attenuator.


Pimp My Plexi – Video #2

Topic of discussion – a RR (Marshall Rhandy Rhoads) mod, as performed by Amp Legend, Dennis Kager.

Pimp My Plexi – Video #3 – The Shoot-Out

(Stock versus RR (cascaded gain) Mod)

Here is the ‘shoot-out’ between my Pimped Plexi w/ the RR mod, and a stock Bugera 1960, Video Titled : To mod, or not to mod – Only you can answer that question.

Pimp My Plexi – Video #4

Although video #4 – This video is really Pimp my Plexi Part III.  Remember, PI was about pulling tubes and attenuators.  PII was about adding a RR mod.  This video is about (IMO) the proper and necessary mods, for any Plexi, including the Bugera 1960, also, as performed by amp legend / guru : Dennis Kager.  The most beautiful thing about this mod is……………

  • You are able to maintain the stock tone of the amp
  • You get the benefit of 1/2 power without having to pull tubes
  • You get the benefit of an attenuation without having to buy an attenuator
  • The amps circuit stays 100% intact, and can be run in 100% mod-bypass (stock) mode.

A note about ‘the man’ : Dennis Kager

Lastly, Dennis Kager probably modified more Bugera Amps than anyone else I know … so he’s a recommended go-to guy for your Plexi Pimping needs.  Here are his contact details :

Central Jersey Music Center : (732) 572-1911

Tell him The Tone King sent ya!

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