TTK Pics from Winter NAMM 2010

The Tone King’s Winter NAMM 2010 Photo Gallery

Checking out the new Ibanez Xiphos Doubleneck. 

There’s something about doubles that simply look better than singles!

The Halo doubleneck!

2 players, 5 necks … what gives? Mark Minarik w/ his massive creations!

This was truly a pleasure … an opportunity to meet with Hartley Peavey.  A true

gentleman and a living legend!  If you want to see the interview; which I highly recommend,

Click here :


Hartley Peavey’s right hand man – Mr. Fred Poole, the man responsible for the very

successful Peavey Vypyr, and everything else that bears the Peavey name!

Hanging with the very kind Kiesel Family (Carvin Founders & Owners).

The one, The only Randall Smith, or should I call him Mr. Mesa Boogie!

Uli Behringer … the passionate man behind the wildly successful Bugera Amp line!

Bill Minarik.  The man behind the wild and crazy looking guitars!

Big Tony from Eminence Speakers! Yeah, ROCK ON!!

Finding my tone at ZVex!

The Legend – Neal Moser.  Here’s my vid on the Moser line :

Eric Peterson from Testament.  If you’re a fan, check out my review of his signature

series guitar here :

C.J. Pierce from Drowning Pool

Todd Rockfield (yes from Rockfield Pickups) and Greg Weeks from The Red Chord. 

Here’s my video using the Greg Weeks Signature Series Traben bass :

Hanging w/ the one, the only : Sekou Bunch

The very kind, Rudy Sarzo, who was one of the few lucky ones to have played w/ legend,

Randy Rhoads! 

Joe Delaney, now with Randall Amps . HURRAY!!  Let’s rock!

The Legend, Mr. Mike Soldano, and the lovely Jetty Betty from Jet City Amplification!

Comin’ atcha live from the Jet City Booth.  Check it out : and

What would NAMM be without some more booth babes …

Thank to Mr. DBZ for making that possible!  Wanna see some booth babes do it Tone King Style?

Click here :

Killer press conference w/ Dave Ellefson (former MegaDeth Bassist, now Peavey

Artist Relations Manager) and Johnny Coffin from Coffin Cases, and of course,

the Coffin Girls and the Jagermeister girls.  KILLER!


And I’ll leave you with one of these bad boy right here … Eddie Van Halen’s original luthier,

Paul Unkert!  Can you guess what we have in common?  Well, if you give up … watch the video :

Click here :


The end!

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