Keep it in the Family: The Tone King takes a look at The Hoodie

Keep it in the Family: The Tone King takes a look at The Hoodie

By Marc Johnson for

At TTK, we know that sometimes don’t take care of our gear the way we should. Often we have sat idly buy and watched while our drunk friends topple their beer over our axes. For those of us who feel bad for our neglected axes, Ten4 Products has created The Hoodie to help us keep our gear safe.

Headed up by Drew Burmeister and his family out of the Chicago Land Area, The Hoodie is Ten4’s flagship product. Inspired by his mother who would put a hooded sweatshirt on her guitar whenever she was done playing, Drew and family wanted to create a product that would help players take better care of their guitars.

The Hoodie is a soft polyester fabric that completely wraps around your guitar and covers it head to toe. Two magnetic clasps in the back hold the Hoodie in place around the guitar and the stand that it sits on.

Ten4 plans to make three sizes of Hoodies to accommodate all sizes of guitars and basses. They come in three colors that every rocker is going to dig: including, dark blue, burgundy, and black. Although the Hoodie can definitely be used on the road, at home is probably where it is going to come in most handy. Offering protection from direct sunlight, which can fade your finish, and exposure to cold drafts, which can cause your neck to tweak out, the Hoodie is more than just a way to keep the dust off of your axe.

Acoustic collectors should quickly notice that this should get their prized pieces out of their cases and out in the open where they belong. Keep the humidifier in the sound hole and wrap the Hoodie around the guitar and you have a tent that will keep the humidity in and the harmful elements out. Mother Burmeister herself even keeps her prized Martin acoustic on display wrapped in the product that she inspired.

Overall, the Hoodie is well designed and easy to put on or take off of your guitar. The fabric is definitely soft enough to keep next to your nicest finishes while water resistant, so, that if you do spill beer on it, it will roll off rather than soak through and damage your axe. is always happy to show you guys these small family-owned companies that are coming out with new products, and we’ll keep telling you about companies like Ten4 as long as they keep building stuff for players like you.




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