Sweetwater’s WORLDS LARGEST PEDALBOARD – Unboxing & PlayThrough 10 Overdrive Pedals!

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0:24 Welcome
2:09 Unboxing
4:03 Guiness World Records Certificate of Participation!
12:29 Way Huge Smalls Conspiracy Theory Professional Overdrive Pedal http://bit.ly/2NG3tV1
13:43 MXR M193 GT-OD Overdrive Pedal http://bit.ly/2Zrcicu
14:40 JHS SuperBolt V2 Overdrive Pedal http://bit.ly/2NKceNJ
15:58 Matthews Effects Architect v3 Foundational Overdrive/Boost Pedal http://bit.ly/30LMDru
17:58 Wampler Clarksdale V2 Delta Overdrive Pedal http://bit.ly/30LMa8I
19:50 Wampler Pantheon Overdrive Pedal http://bit.ly/2MIhYrD
22:05 JHS Double Barrel V4 2-in-1 Dual Overdrive Pedal http://bit.ly/2ZBbhOb
25:32 Xotic RC Booster-V2 Pedal http://bit.ly/2ZtWWUz
27:26 JHS Morning Glory V4 Transparent Overdrive Pedal http://bit.ly/2LiTstZ
29:39 JHS AT (Andy Timmons) Drive V2 Pedal – Red http://bit.ly/2LniEiW
34:14 Wrap-Up
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Guitar used in this video is a VOLA OZ RV ROA. More details here:

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