Speaker Upgrade : Part 2 — Rip & Replace! (Install & Upgrade)

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This is video #2 in a series of 3 videos. This video covers the installation of the Eminence Maverick and Reignmaker speakers (uninstall of the Celestions, install / upgrade with the Eminence Speakers).

Video #1 has lots of useful information … if you have the time — you should watch it :

Stay tuned for the next video (3rd) which will cover the actual sound samples of both speakers!

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Some links for your viewing pleasure :

TTK on Facebook (for behind the scenes stuff)

TTK Forums (where the idea of this video all started)

Eminence Reignmaker

Eminence Maverick

Eminence FDM Technology :

Eminence / Celestion Cross Comparison Chart :

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