Some PRS Trivia for ya …

Trampas Green

From my Live Webcast, we were all speculating what ‘trampas’ in Trampas Green meant.  We all headed to Google, and gave it our best shot.  However, we were all wrong.  The real answer is this : “Trampas Green is named after PRS base coat artist, Trampas Ferree.  Trampas (Tram’pas) has come up with many colors for PRS guitars.”



There was also some question about the Birds on the CE24.  Here’s the Official List:

Starting from the nut:

  • Peregrine falcon
  • Marsh hawk 
  • Ruby throated hummingbird 
  • Common tern 
  • Coopers hawk 
  • Kite 
  • Sparrow landing 
  • Storm petrel 
  • Hawk landing 
  • Screech owl on a branch (24-fret models only)

All taken from this video:

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