Signature Tones of the Last 5 Decades: GGTT REMINDER

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Signature Tones of the Last 5 Decades.

How to sound like the tones that defined the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s through today.

So what is this episode? We’ll be breaking down the decades and the tones that defined them. What was happening with gear at the time? What was the status of amplification? How did this affect guitar tones and the sound of rock?

What we’re NOT doing is trying to provide the alleged “secret” to every rock star’s tone.

What we are doing is helping you understand how amplification has changed, and therefore, how it affected marquis players and their sounds and what they did with the tools available to them and how this affected future products.

Special Guest – STEVIE SALAS! (via phone)
– hand picked by George Clinton as the guitarist for his albums
– flew the world with Rod Stewart in his hay-day playing sold-out stadiums night after night
– Signed the largest record deal Island Records ever paid in their history
– His second solo album ousted the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith for Best Album in Japan
– Regularly cited as one of the top 50 guitarists of all time
– Spent years as the guitar player for Mick Jagger
– and this is all besides is several decade solo career with Stevie Salas’ Colorcode
– and who can forget that The hands of Rufus, when he’s shown playing a guitar solo, in the cinematic classic “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” actually belong to Stevie Salas, who composed all the guitar licks heard in the film.

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