Should you buy Someone Else a Guitar for Christmas?


The festive season is fast approaching, and thoughts for millions will turn to what to buy for their loved ones. Children will be writing Christmas lists, and others will be trying to get hints as to what their partner might like to receive.


While thousands of children will be hoping for a games console, there will also be a large number of parents who might wish to give something more creative, and educational. Perhaps something that has a longer-lasting value.


Is a musical instrument a good idea for Christmas, and in particular, the guitar? When you watch a new guitar being unboxed under the Christmas tree, are you witnessing the start of something magical, or is the instrument destined to be left in a corner of the attic?

Why buy a musical instrument for someone?

One reason to buy a guitar, or another instrument, for someone else, is because they have mentioned their desire for one before. When it comes to Christmas presents this is a no-brainer.


Your partner mentions how he or she has always wanted to learn the guitar but never got around to it. Or your son or daughter, or another loved one, keeps talking about how cool guitars are.


Of course, the hope is that when you purchase a guitar, the recipient will take it to heart. While you can’t expect them to belt out Jingle Bell Rock chords straight away, it is hoped that they will learn the guitar and have a new hobby.


The problem may be if you provide someone with an unwanted present.   That sucks for them and for you!!


The danger of buying someone a guitar for Christmas

Some people might choose to buy a guitar for their child because they want them to follow in their own footsteps and play an instrument. This is perfectly natural. Other parents are thinking about development, creativity, and even future careers.


A musical instrument is a gift that keeps on giving and has many physical benefits for the player, as well as aiding in mental health development.


The problem may lie in buying for someone, especially a loved one, who has expressed a desire to learn but then doesn’t follow through. Millions of people decided to take up creative hobbies during the lockdowns, including music. While this is to be applauded as a worthy pursuit, there would be questions as to how many guitars are being played now, and how many are listed on eBay or Reverb.

Are guitars easy to learn?

Here is the crux of the matter. While guitars look, and sound, cool, many people don’t consider the practice involved when they get their first instrument.


It is easy to imagine your son or daughter striving for perfection with their new guitar, but they might prefer to be playing with friends online in Fortnite. There are many distractions, and learning the guitar takes patience, practice, and perseverance.


You want the present to be enjoyed, and not become a chore. After all, it is a Christmas present, not a punishment. How then, can you make the guitar easier for the recipient to learn, and therefore be a useful and enjoyable present?


Making the guitar easier to learn

There are no magic fixes to learning the guitar, and whoever you buy one for, will have to put in the time. However, you can put them on the right path at least.


Depending on your budget, you could consider adding in some lessons with a local music teacher. This can help the new player get acquainted with their instrument, and start to learn.


Alternatively, buy a subscription to a musical education website. Many free and premium apps can help individuals learn the guitar from home. For example, one website displays instant chords on screen from any song for the musician to follow and learn.


Benefits of getting a loved one to learn an instrument

Fortunately, guitars are not like puppies, and although they aren’t just for Christmas, there is less risk in making a purchase.


No one can guarantee that the recipient of your present will become the next Hendrix. The benefits from playing the guitar though might be all the encouragement they need once they start playing.


There are good reasons for buying a child any musical instrument. Guitars and other instruments can help with strengthening the brain, building confidence, and improving their patience.


There is plenty of evidence that playing the guitar will improve hand-eye coordination, and boost concentration levels. It is also believed that playing music aids with cognitive growth and behavior, including improved memory.


They may even end up with a career in music from being involved at such an early age. Business News Daily lists many potential musical career options including music teachers, journalists, agents, and even therapists.


How do you choose which guitar to buy?

So, you’ve decided that a guitar will make a good Christmas present for your Joe or Jo, and now it’s time to choose one.


There are many guides on the internet that can make recommendations between electric or acoustic guitars, and different brands. If you are already a guitar player yourself you will no doubt have your own thoughts on this area.


For a newbie, it could be worth visiting a local music store and explaining to a staff member about your recipient, and receiving advice on what type of guitar you should get.


Can you buy a guitar online?

One question that many people ask is, can you buy a guitar safely online, what are the checks and inspections made?


Over the last two years, many online retailers have seen a surge in orders. Retailers such as Sweetwater have struggled to keep up with demand as orders for guitars fly in, and this Christmas is likely to be the same.


One thing you can generally be assured of is that using a reputable online retailer will lead to a safe purchase. Look for established guitar retailers, and then look for what guarantees they offer and their return policy.


Should you buy secondhand or new?

If you are experienced with guitars then it is highly possible to find a bargain in the second-hand market. There are some very honest listings on auction sites that will explain the faults of a secondhand guitar. Because of this, you could buy something worth far more than the price you pay, and then get it repaired.


However, if you have no knowledge in this area, it would be far safer to buy a new guitar if buying for someone else. After all, you want them to be able to get going pretty much straight away, not having problems that need a tech to solve.



Purchasing a guitar as a Christmas present for someone else might lead to a lifelong love of music. Through practice and constant growth, guitars never stop giving, and musicians are always learning.


According to a Business Insider report, 16 million people took up the guitar during the pandemic. This new popularity in learning to play music also spread to many other instruments such as the ukulele, and the piano.


Learning to play an instrument has many great benefits. If you are sure your loved one is keen, then seeing them unwrap a new guitar on Christmas Day could be the start of something wonderful.


PS – That’s me, holding my first guitar under the christmas tree.  Circa 1985

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