Jet City JCA100H 100w All Tube Head

Jet City Amps – JCA100H

by Marc Johnson for

As most of you know, The Tone King only checks out gear that can be bought by a player whose pay is usually soaked in beer.  So when an affordable 100w all-tube head walked through the door, we had to check it out.  We were blown away when we heard that it was an amp with Soldano designed circuits.  

Any player can tell you that the Soldano sound is one of the dominant sounds in rock. With musicians ranging from Eric Clapton to Warren Haynes and from bands ranging from Ratt to Van Halen, the Soldano sound tore through the 80s and slammed head first through the turn of the century. Now, Jet City Amps is launching their “Design by Soldano” lineup and the JCA100H is their “flagship” piece.

Co-founded by Mike Soldano, Jet City is boasting a true “all-tube signal path” for a meatier tone. The amp has two channels, neither of which is a “true” clean channel. This may be different for some players but will feel right at home for those players that like the dynamic of using their guitar’s volume knob to move from clean to crunch.

The “Normal” channel acts like any single channel amplifier. You can push the output to get a pounding gain, roll your volume back to get a warm clean tone, or keep it in-between for a bluesy boost. The “Overdrive” channel takes over where the other leaves off and gives you that extra gain for a really meaty punch or blistering leads.

The Soldano gain was easy to find and didn’t take to much time to dial in. Probably the thing that surprised us at TTK the most was how dynamic the amp was. The JCA100H easily gave us every sound that we would’ve expected from a Soldano amp.

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