Should I mod my amp or pedal? You ask, TTK answers.

Folks – I get lots of questions daily – and this is one I get pretty often … so I figured I’d get the camera rolling, and answer it straight from the heart … my opinion of modding an amp.

By the way – something I did NOT include in this video, which I think is a GOOD mod, is the Bugera 1960, simply b/c for $449 (price of a new Bugera 1960), you can add a master volume (which most Plexi style / non-master amps can benefit from, simply b/c to achieve gain w/ them – you need something to lower the volume a bit … or you can just get an attenuator, but that will run your tubes waaay hot. Anyway – the Bugera 1960 is a modder’s delight … so despite what I noted in the video, there is very little I’d considering modding. Adding FX loops, or modding inexpensive amps to make them ‘feature rich’, I’m a-okay with.

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