Set Your Pedalboard Free with the BIG JOE POWER BOX LITHIUM

Take The Guesswork Out of Your Pedalboard Power Requirements with the Powerbox Lithium

Video & discount links below… readers: let’s go back in time to sometime in the first part of the 1990s, upon a stage somewhere in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. A greasy teenager is living the dream on stage, guitar in hand, in a club that actually sells beer and has real stage lighting. 


But by the third song in the set, something is amiss. The whole guitar just sounds…weak. No volume. No punch. And it’s getting worse. It’s already clear where the problem lies: the twisted knot of pedals on the floor. He thought he could get away with just one more gig without popping a fresh nine-volt under the hood of the usual suspect, his cherished, battery-devouring Dunlop Rotovibe. Between the next song, out of the chain it comes. It’s a shame; that pedal provides some signature swirls for many of the group’s repertoire.


Not to get all “back in my day!” on you, dear readers, but back in my day this is how it was. No fancy power strips built specially for pedals. Heck, even a purpose-built power supply was tough to find and expensive when you could find them. So we all got used to burning through batteries, only to dump them in the nearest trash can after a gig or two.  


Nowadays we live on an island filled with previously unimaginable wonders of gear, and one of those wonders is Big Joe Stompbox Company’s Power Box Lithium. The Power Box Lithium is a rechargeable lithium ion battery-based power supply especially designed for the pedalboard. What teenage Trushack would’ve given for one of these that day.


The Power Box Lithium is able to accommodate wide range of pedals, from typical draw to high-current, with all the juice they need. It’s compact dimensions and design make it look right at home on any pedalboard and preserve valuable real estate on your board. And because it doesn’t require plugging into a wall socket (except when you’re charging it), musicians gain nearly unlimited flexibility in their stage set-up and pedal board placement and have one less thing to trip over. It also removes a lot of issues associated with bad infrastructure and electrical interference and helps prevent against fatal power supply mismatches that can mercilessly destroy a pedal. 


“”The idea of rechargeable batteries is not new; they have been out for years,” said Paul Christian, founding partner of Big Joe Stompbox Company.  “However, lithium ion technology represents the current state of the art. You don’t have look for or share a power outlet and since you are not plugged into the wall you eliminate many of the common problems, like 60-cycle hum and other noise that typically infect pedal board signal chains. Our Big Joe lithium technology delivers constant voltage until all battery power is used which in turn provides the musician with consistent tone.” 


You’ll especially hear the difference on high gain settings. Because the Power Box Lithium is a naturally isolated power source that doesn’t plug into a wall, the opportunity for unwanted noise to infect your rig is dramatically reduced.


But any battery naturally come with two limitations: voltage fluctuation and unknown life. You just never know when your battery will stop providing the proper voltage or die altogether. While rechargeable lithium ion batteries are far more reliable than your typical nine-volt, they’re still batteries and not completely immune. So Big Joe Stompbox Company made sure that Power Box Lithium users could remain on top of the unit’s performance and not reprise the embarrassment suffered by young Trushack.


And that’s a feature that really sets the Power Box Lithium apart from the competition: a large, multi-function display that keeps the player in the loop on the status of the power supply. 


“When we decided to design our rechargeable lithium ion battery we started with the premise that we had to provide accurate visual feedback of exactly how much time was left in the battery under current load, so we incorporated the LED display,” said Christian.


Players can monitor three different categories of information: percentage of power remaining in the battery, number of hours of power left, and the current draw of all the pedals hooked to the Power Box Lithium.


“Knowing current draw helps the user understand how much power each pedal requires. Most pedal manufactures don’t provide this information. They supply generic adapters giving max output, not actual current consumed by the pedal, said Christian. “The Power Box Lithium current draw mode enables you to figure it out, which in turn helps you figure out how to manage and maximize the number of hours [the battery] will last. The more current you draw, the less time your battery will last.”


If Big Joe Stomp Box Company is a name that doesn’t immediately ring a bell to you, you’ve probably run across some of their work without even knowing it. 


“Over the years, we have primarily been an OEM company, designing, engineering and manufacturing custom products for many different companies,” said Christian  “As such, we have always been a low profile, behind the scenes kind of company. However, our finger prints can be traced to many popular guitar effects products. And although we continue to design for others, a couple of years ago we decided to introduce some of our best circuits and designs under our own Big Joe banner.”


It’s this background, both with products under their own banner and as an OEM supplier, that Big Joe Stompbox Company leveraged into a power supply that looks and performs just like a unit purpose-built for pedalboards with a wide variety of effects, instead of spare laptop battery.


And now through August 6, 2017, the Power Box Lithium can be had for a special price over at one of our favorite online gear sources, Every purchase of the Power Box Lithium from any authorized Big Joe dealer on qualifies for 20% off! It’s the perfect opportunity to get a premium power supply on to your board while saving a few bucks in your pocket and many batteries from the landfill (and, as in teenage Trushack’s case, your dignity!).

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