6 Easiest Musical Instruments For Adult Learners 

Everybody loves music. If you have a passion for music, you may have thought of how you can play a guitar, drum, or piano – something to earn you a ticket to a music band. You don’t need a higher IQ like Albert Einstein to learn and master playing some common musical instruments.

It all begins with passion, dedication, and desire to learn. Just like you take time searching at the casino, you look for the best musical instruments and learn. But why go through all the hassle? This article mentions some of the best musical instruments that you won’t sweat or crack your head learning.

Which are The Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn?

  1. Piano (the basis for most musical instruments)

Most people may take the piano as the most challenging musical instrument to play since you have to coordinate both hands and master the beats. However, it’s one of the simplest instruments you can learn as an adult. It is easier to understand playing the piano because all the notes on how to play it all lay down in front of you.

It is very easy getting out of tune when playing other instruments like a saxophone and flute. However, with the piano, you can easily get back to the tune when you play the wrong notes. It is also easy to get all the learning materials you need for piano because it is a popular instrument. When you choose a piano as your first instrument, you can become a pianist in just months of consistent practice.

  1. Lyre Harp (not metal, but certainly musical!)

The lyre is one of the best and simplest musical instruments you can learn playing as an adult. The instrument comes in different strings and sizes. You can choose one that is easier for you to learn. For instance, the Celtic harp is very portable, and you can perch it on the knee. It has the simplest learning curve for adults compared to bigger harps.

It has less than ten strings and a bit pocket-friendly if you want to buy one of your own. In addition to the cost, this musical instrument gives you a perfect sound you will enjoy as you practice.

  1. Bongos (anyone remember the Dire Straights lyrics … “banging on the bongos like a chimpanzee”)

Bongo is another type of musical instrument found in almost every part of the world, and you cannot miss on someone to help you learn it. A Bongos is a set of two interlocked drums of different size and pitch. One small drum has a higher tone while the larger drum has a lower tone. This musical instrument is made of different materials, and you can easily find one that suits your budget.

You play Bongos with your hands, and you can change between the two drums and generate a favorite beat. It doesn’t take more lessons to learn how to play Bongos, and within some weeks, you should be ready to entertain your guests with some amazing Bongo beats.

  1. The Drum Kit (the basics in keeping a beat!)

If you are looking forward to joining a band, then the easiest way to find your way is by learning to play a drum kit. Most drum kits come in a set of 4-6 drums. You have to learn to play all the drums and generate some beat. Learning how to play drums takes time, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult. You’ll also enjoy yourself in the process as you play the drum along with your favorite song.

A brand new drum kit might cost you a lot of bucks. You can get some second-hand drum kit if you are looking for something to get you going. Once you become an expert, you can buy a new kit and form your band.

  1. A Guitar (let’s rock!!)

A guitar is another amazing musical instrument you can learn to play if you want to join a band. The best place to start your lesson is with a nylon string guitar because steel strings can hurt your fingers a lot as a beginner. You can also switch from steel string to electric guitar once you become a pro. It only takes time to grasp each string’s different pitch and tones and come up with a perfect sound for your favorite song.

Playing the guitar is a bit difficult compared to other musical instruments like drum and piano. However, if you give it time, you can surely get the concept faster. It also rewards a lot to learn playing the piano – it’s probably the most common musical instrument you’ll find in every band.

  1. Ukulele (more popular now than ever before!)

Ukulele is another easy musical instrument you can own and play right from home. It is one of the most famous instruments you can have, and it comes in different sizes and models. You can get a tenor, soprano, or concert Ukulele depending on your taste.

The instrument comes with four strings that are easy to play and doesn’t hurt your fingers. It is also portable, which means you can carry it around to learn anywhere.

Final Thoughts 

You can play any musical instrument you want as long as you have the passion for it. The six instruments we have listed here are some of the easiest to learn playing in a few days and get going. Most of them are affordable and easy to find. You don’t have a reason to lag. If you love music, then learn at least one of these musical instruments to spice up your leisure time.

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