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Folks, As most of you know, the L6 POD HD 300 is new in my line-up … and I’ve been playing around w/ lots of the features. Something I have really been digging is the Looper function … and a very specific feature within the looper, which allows the looper to go ‘PRE’ or ‘POST. In PRE mode, your guitar signal is recorded unprocessed, at which point you can re-amp into any of the amp models. VERY cool if you laid down your lick, but are looking for a specific tone. In POST mode, it allows you to choose 1 tone (e.g., your Rhythm), and a 2nd tone to overlap (e.g., your Lead). I see use cases for both features, and most importantly … you can choose either mode ‘AFTER’ you record your lick, all at the push of 1 button! KILLER feature (IMO) … something I haven’t seen on any other looper. Enjoy the video & ROCK ON, signed, TTK.

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