Randall RM20 Vox-like Top Boost Module gear review using a BC Rich Warbeast NJ Deluxe.

Hit ‘more info’ to see Audio / Video equipment used.

Okay – for those of you that asked for BETTER Audio / Visual equipment … once again – THE TONE KING DELIVERS!!! Here is the VERY FIRST cut, using all new, upgraded equipment …

Video was cut using a Canon HD Video Camera at 1920×1080. Narration audio was cut using the built in stereo camera mic. Amp Audio was captured on a 2nd audio track, using a SM57 into a Tascam digital recorder giving CD-quality 44.1kHz/16-bit audio. Video mixing software was also updated. No more Windows Movie Maker. This was uploaded to YouTube as NTSC DVD Widwscreen 720×480. The video itself was cut at 1920×1080. The reason you hear 2 tracks of narration audio is b/c I faded in/out (camera mic for narration, SM57 for amp audio). I hope you enjoyed this video – and for those of you that stuck it out for the past year – I APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT!!!

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