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Piggy D : Rob Zombie Bassist : Interview : Mayhem Festival 2013 with The Tone King


Special Thanks to Piggy D for an AWESOME, AWESOME interview! 20 minutes of GREAT advice for any aspiring musician who wants to make the most of their music career – plus LOTS of juicy coverage on the Tour, the Album & of course … THE GEAR!

Special thanks to MJ & MM!

Here are the questions asked / discussed. (Just remember – there are items discussed that ‘aren’t’ in the list below … so you’ll just have to watch the interview! We talked about The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Alice Cooper & items like EMG pickups & Dean Markley Strings!

1 — You’ve been playing with Rob Zombie for about 7 years now. How have the dynamics between you and the rest of the band changed in that time?

2 — This is your second Mayhem tour. What do you like most about playing Mayhem?

3 — The bass on the new Rob Zombie Album, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor sounds huge. How do you manage to make yourself heard among all of the samples and other musicians?

4 — I know you wrote the song Lucifer Rising on the new album. It’s heavy as hell, but also has a cool punk feel. What bands inspire your writing?

5 — I heard that you guys recorded this album at Rob Zombie’s place on the east coast. What was that like?

Line 6

6 – What is the process of writing like with the rest of the band?

7 — Your main axe is a Fender “P” bass. What keeps you coming back to that particular bass?

8 — The Hartke Kilo is a huge tube-driven monster bass amp. What do you like best about that amp?

9 — Most of the stuff that you play is tuned down. What steps do you take to make sure that your bass sound doesn’t get muddy?

10 – Any words of inspiration?

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