FX Chain – What is the proper way to order my guitar pedals? PICs, VID & Reference here!!

TTK-FX2Boys & Girls – welcome back.  Here you will find some useful info that you can print out for your reference … all in regards to ‘The proper way to order the guitar pedals & stomp boxes on your pedalboard’.

Beginning of Chain

Guitar -> Wah-> Compressor ->Overdrive

Overdrive Options

Overdrive into (A) front end of ‘clean’ amp for light overdrive.
Overdrive into (B) front end of a ‘distorted’ amp for searing leads.
Overdrive into (C) a ‘distortion’ pedal for searing leads.

This is what is typically found IN FRONT OF the amp (going into the INPUT of the amp).

Modulation & Time Based Effects

Modulation (Chorus, Flange, Phaser) and Time Based Effects (Reverb, Delay) typically come AFTER everthing above.

They can look like this :

On the pedalboard :

Guitar-> Wah-> Compressor-> Overdrive-> Chorus-> Delay-> Reverb

Or, can be in the Effects Loop of your amp :

FX SEND -> Chorus, Delay, Reverb -> FX RETURN 

So, in an effects loop … it looks like this :

Guitar-> Wah-> Compressor-> Overdrive-> Amps preamp-> Chorus, Delay, Reverb-> Amps poweramp

Hopefully that helps everyone out!

Now – for the fun stuff :

More Pics for your viewing pleasure


Other Pedalboard References

In regards to Pedal Cases … Road Runner makes a killer gigbag / unpowered pedalboard for $19.99.  If you need pedal ‘storage’, I highly recommend those bags.

The cases you see in this picture are CNB Pedal Board hard-shell cases.  Great storage for pedals.

For Pedal Power : I highly recommend the Visual Sound 1-Spot or the VooDoo Lab Pedal Power (I own both of them).

On a budget?  Check out this cross-reference chart of some of the greatest pedals made … https://thetoneking.com/?p=419

I will leave you off with this goodie …  A pic of my #1 – TTK JR. guarding the goodies 🙂


If you want to see the VIDEO version of this article : you can watch right here :


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