Part 2/2 : TTK’s Live Webcast Playback : 2/25/12

For this webcast, I covered 5 guitars in total :
– Peavey Vandenberg Custom w/ Kahler
– Dean AT3000 ML
– BC Rich TTK-1 w/ Dimarzio Pickups
– Charvel Model 1C
– BC Rich STiii in ‘arrest me’ red color!

Also, lots of chat about lots of stuff, including upcoming videos / content that I am working on.

(There are 2 videos; Part 1/2 and Part 2/2. Make sure to watch both if you’re interested in seeing the entire webcast. Reason for 2 videos was technical difficulties w/ UStream.TV site)

THANK YOU to everyone who joined!

If you want to stay in touch between Webcasts :
a) Join the Forum @

b) Friend me on Facebook for behind the scenes :

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