NEXI Pedalboard – FULL DEMO & OVERVIEW A very cool pedalboard. This video is the full story!

Here is the info on each pedal:

1. 70’S DISTORTION – The NEXI Industries 70’s Distortion DIS-01 is all about that vintage British tone used in many classic rock recordings. This pedal will give you that classic crunch tone with the warm and deep growl.

2. 70’S OVERDRIVE – The NEXI Industries 70’s Overdrive OVD-01 is a classic old-school overdrive pedal. The crunchy 70’s sound and high frequency response will inspire you to go back in time.

3. ANALOG CHORUS – The NEXI Industries Analog Chorus CHO-01 offers a sound that is rich and warm. Choose the right depth and speed for that extra “velvet” feeling. And please enjoy the Ultra Classic switch…

4. DELAY – The NEXI Industries Delay DLY-01 is a digital/analog pedal with an analog signal path that brings you the classic and natural delay vibe. The warm sound is rich and spacey.

5. DISTORTION – The NEXI Industries Distortion is “the one” everybody is looking for… Pre and Power controls round out a straightforward user interface so you can plug in and be blown away…!

6. DUTCH SCREAMER – The NEXI Industries Dutch Screamer DSC-01 will bring you the ultimate 80’s midrange growl, influenced by the Amsterdam sound design vibe. Featuring the great dynamic response rock, punk, metal, blues, funk and R&B guitarists love!

7. FUZZ – The NEXI Industries Fuzz FZZ-01 is a pedal that provides some of the grittiest, nastiest and most mind blowing tones known to mankind. The tone can only be described as beautifully nasty.

8. LOOPER – The NEXI Industries LPR-01 is a super intuitive looper pedal, which sounds great, is a load of fun and offers great sound, great sound, great sound,…

9. METAL DISTORTION – The NEXI Industries Metal Distortion MTD-01 offers the aggressive metal tone. Used by the hardest rocking act’s in the 70’s and 80’s, but currently also found in industrial metal

10. OVERDRIVE – The NEXI Industries Overdrive OVD-02 delivers from low gain growl to modern muscle. Real dirty when you need it most.

11. PHASER – The NEXI Industries Phaser PSR-01 is the perfect way to create mind bending swooshes and swirls while maintaining the original sound of your guitar. Yeah Baby!

12. TREMOLO – The NEXI Industries Tremolo TRM-01 will deliver a vibrant and pulsating guitar tone. Whether it is surf you are after or something a little scarier, this baby will give you the lush.


13. VOLUME – The NEXI Industries Expression/Volume VOL-01 offers smooth control of the volume, creating a world of possibilities…

14. WAH – The NEXI Industries Wah WWA-01 is the classic Wah pedal every guitarist needs.

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