NAMM 2014 30 Pedals in 30 Days Edition

Winter NAMM 2014 is over, but we’re still going through all of the new gear. Today, we here at wanted to spotlight the new gear from the manufacturers who took part in our most recent 30 Pedals in 30 Days. So, check out the latest from these cutting edge pedal manufacturers.



BigRock Pro

Old friend of and funk master James Brown answered all of the prayers of the rock dudes out there with the advent of the BigRock Pro. Now, I could sit here and talk, but let’s let him do the talking.

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AMT Electronics 

Stonehead 50-5 Solid-State Guitar Amplifier

A 50-watt 4-channel solid-state guitar amplifier. Every channel is built on top of JFET technology. Each channel offers various levels of gain while giving players enough versatility to customize each channel to his or her sound. Just like everything built by AMT Electronics, the thing is built like a tank.



ID: Core Series Guitar Amplifier

Blackstar had a huge showing at NAMM 2014, but what was most impressive happened to have the least amount of wattage. We reported earlier this week about the ID: Core Series Guitar Amps, so I won’t spend too  much time here on them. The one thing I will say is that these amps are sure to change things for bedroom players and live players alike.

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Bully and Alex Skolnick AS Preceptor Guitar Amplifiers

While both of these amps will appeal to boutique players and shredders alike, the Alex Skolnick signature model has me totally stoked. Being a fan of Testament since I was just a little King, I’ve always been amazed and inspired by Skolnick’s versatility as a guitar player. I mean, hell! The guy shreds it out with Testament every night then heads to a local Jazz club just because he can. From what we’ve heard, his signature amp is versatile enough to handle both of these extremes and everything in between.



Overdrive Preamp 250 and Phasor 201 Pedals

We had a chance to check out these killer pedals for 30 Pedals in 30 Days, and we were suddenly transported back into high school when we first heard that signature DOD tone. There’s not much that has to be said about DOD. Their sound speaks for itself.

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FET Driver and Uni-Vib Chorus/Vibrato Pedals

You know you’re in a good place when you see your pedals show up on just about every pedalboard out there. MXR is quickly becoming a staple for guitar players. The Uni-Vib Chorus/Vibrato and the FET Driver are only going to help solidify that. The FET, or Field Effect Transistor, driver works to provide players thicker, more dynamic, and creamier tones than they would get otherwise. By cascading an operational amp gain stage into the FET stage, MXR has created a pedal that works with player’s existing amps to get them the best tone possible.

The Uni-Vib Chorus/Vibrato is a sound that we all know and love. That classic ’60s sound from players like Hendrix with a modern twist. Small footprint because real estate ain’t cheap, and a simple three-knob interface make this pedal so easy to use your grandma will be able to dial in some sweet tones.

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Earthquaker Devices 

Pitch Bay Polyphonic Harmonizer and Terminal Fuzz

If there’s one pedal company that’s been making a huge splash lately, that would have to be Earthquaker Devices. Every pedal that they put out seems to have been brought down by the gods of rock themselves. Dynamic and flexible, the Pitch Bay Polyphonic Harmonizer and Terminal Fuzz are apt additions to the Earthquaker line.

The Pitch Bay gives players three voices to mess with; one up, one down, and one wherever you happen to be. The up and down voices can be manipulated in semi tones all the way to a full octave up or down respectively. And for some special sauce, Earthquaker included a gain circuit for players who are looking to get their balls as close to that wall as possible.

The Terminal Fuzz is Terminal. If you’re just looking for a little fuzz, that’s fine and dandy. This pedal can get you that. But, if you’re standing on that edge and wonder what it would be like if you just took one more step, the Terminal Fuzz will let you absolutely demolish your sound to give you some of the most eclectic sounds of any pedal that you’ve ever tried.



H9 Core

When we checked out Eventide’s H9 for “30 Pedals in 30 Days 2013” we were blown away. Basically, with the H9 you were able to get every Eventide sound that you could ever want. Well, the H9 core lets players purchase those sounds individually instead of in bundles like its older brother. The H9 Core is about as customizable as you can get. Choose from thousands of different effects to make this pedal a one and only. Check out some of the sounds that Patrick Abbate gets from his Eventide gear!

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Fuchs Audio Technology 

Jazz Classic Amplifier, Bruiser Junior, Plush Blue Flame Overdrive, Phone Tone Filter, and Double Plush Overdrive

Fuchs showed up to NAMM and proceeded to Fuch some shit up! Besides for dropping three kick ass pedals, he also brought along a Jazz Classic Amp and the Bruiser Junior Bass Amplifier.

The Blue Flame Overdrive is an overdrive for those blues afficiados out there. Sensitive controls accentuate the dynamic nature of overdrive. Plus, there’s plenty of gain if you’re looking to push things just a bit farther.

The Phone Tone Filter was designed with B.C. Kochmit from Eye Empire. If you haven’t heard of Eye Empire. Stop what you are doing and go check them out. Right Now! Remember those old telephone filter sounds that you would hear on recordings from the ’60s and ’70s (Think the beginning of Wish You Were Here). Well, the Phone Tone Filter will give you that sound while making it adjustable to offer players more options.

The Double Plush Overdrive. Two awesome overdrive sounds in one. Channel one is a brand new aggressive and modern sounding sound while channel two is based off of Fuch’s own “Plush Drive.” Combining the two is like getting kicked in the head twice Chuck Norris style.

Listen to the man himself!

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Goodtime Music Store! 

Maker of ‘The End of the World’ Fuzz Pedal!

Stay up to date with the pedals & products they offer :




DigiTech’s Supernatural Ambient Reverb Pedal

OK. So technically DigiTech is Hardwire’s big papa. But, this one was so cool we had to mention it. As is always the case with DigiTech, the Supernatural Ambient Reverb Pedal pushes the envelope of what players have come to expect. Classic reverb sounds like hall and reverb are not a problem for this dark creation, but the thing that gets us stoked about this piece is how far off the map you can go with some of the richest reverbs that we’ve heard from a pedal.



 Paul Gilbert, Tosin Abasi, Jake Bowen (Periphery), Kiko Loureiro, Korn Signature Models

When it comes to artists, Ibanez has one of the biggest rosters around. For “30 Pedals in 30 Days” we checked out Paul Gilbert’s signature Flanger, the AF-2.  To follow that up with a new Paul Gilbert signature model just makes sense. Tosin Abasi, Kiko, and Korn have all been Ibanez dudes for a while. Probably the coolest addition is Jake Bowen from Periphery. Periphery is another band that you have to check out.


Jet City 

FLEX Amp, AmpFactory Options, Jettenator, and, of course, Pedals!

In one of The Tone King’s favorite moments from NAMM 2014, we had a chance to talk with Douglas White from Jet City about all the gear that they were showcasing. Great interview. You should check it out!

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New Pedal TWA Fly Boys.  Details here :


Mesa Boogie

Do be sure to stay up to date with Mesa Boogie for new product updates!



ModKits DIY 

Wahtz Wah Pedal

We reported earlier this month on ModKits DIY Wahtz Wah Pedal. And, we can’t wait to get our hands on one. From the demos at NAMM 2014, this thing sounds killer. Smooth, clean wah reminiscent of classic wah sounds but with a bit of new shit added for good measure. Plus, you get to build the whole thing yourself.



BOHEMIAN Overdrive Pedal

What’s that? You haven’t heard Modtone’s BOHEMIAN Overdrive pedal? If only there was a video or something where you can watch your favorite YouTube personality checking out the latest and greatest of gear. Oh wait! That’s right. BAMMMMMM!

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M2 Passive Pedal Series

Those great Morley controls without having to plug the thing in? Sign me up. For those of you who liked to bitch and moan that plugging in to a power outlet was a pain in the ass – God only knows how you got your TV to work – Morley has sought fit to give you passive pedal controls. So stop complaining. The M2 comes in a Volume, a  Stereo Volume, and a Voltage Control (aka Expression Pedal) More control, less juice.



Echolution Delay and Rototron Rotary Speaker Simulator

TTK fans know we hit talked about the Rototron earlier this month.  But apparently that wasn’t enough for our friends at Pigtronix. They also got busy on a Delay pedal series that will knock you onto your ass. Check the vid, and let Pigtronix tell you in their own words.

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Pedals of Babylon (PoB Pedals)

Stay tuned & Subscribe to Pedals of Babylon for New Product Update :




Headload Attenuator and Elevator Power Booster

Leave it to Radial to kick it into high gear for NAMM 2014. Now you might say, “Another attenuator?” To which I say, “HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT THE HEADLOAD CAN DO?” Besides for taking your load, the Headload has way more versatility than most other attenuators out there. So many knobs, so little time. The Elevator gives you three levels of power that will ensure that you get more of your signal through those long cables and into your amp. The first channel is just your dry signal. The second is a buffered signal for long trips through the cable. The third hammers it home with 100% discreet power boost with no ICs and individual transistors. But let’s let the head honcho of Radial tell you about it.

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Randall – New Metal Pedals!

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Prophesy II

Rocktron always has a lot of shit going on. That’s what comes with being one of the biggest names in guitar gear. Probably one of their biggest headlining pieces was the Prophesy II Preamp. I’m not a big rack gear dude, but this just might get me to change my mind. Already loaded with presets from Dave Mustaine, Gary Hoey, and Rusty Cooley, the Prophesy II  is quite possibly the only preamp that you will ever have to buy. Very cool stuff. As a added bonus, had a chance to check up on the amazing player Gretchen Menn.

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TC Electronic

DITTO X2 Looper 

We reported on this right when we got the press release, but it’s still worth mentioning that TC Electronic has created a looper pedal so good that the universe is poised to collapse in on itself burdened under the weight of pure awesomeness.




VFE Pedals 

Indiegogo Campaign 

While we didn’t see them at NAMM, we thought we would throw out that these dudes are producing some killer freaking pedals. So, go over to their indiegogo site and invest in this great up and coming company.



Visual Sound

H2O Liquid Chorus and Echo

Analog Liquid Choruses, Vibrato, Leslie, and Echo all in the same pedal brought to you by the same dudes who brought VS-XO Experimental Overdrive ? Sign us up. The H2O Liquid Chorus and Echo combines two of Visual Sound’s most coveted pedals. And, in true VS style, the player has more control over their sound than ever before.




Night Train G2 Series Guitar Amp

Someone says “VOX,” guitar amps come to mind. That’s because VOX has been rocking the guitar amp scene for longer than many of us have been alive. With that comes experience. And, nothing showcases that experience like the Night Train G2 Series Guitar amps. Long time TTK friend Freddie DeMarco took some time to show us the ins and outs of VOX’s new amp.

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Wampler Pedals

Thirty Something 

Wampler’s Velvet Fuzz and Euphoria Overdrive/Distortion were definitely highlights of 30 Pedals in 30 Days. Wampler pedals has moved far beyond what most pedal manufacturers have done and are redefining what a guitar pedal is supposed to sound like. For Winter NAMM 2014, Wampler hit a home run again with their Thirty Something Vox inspired pedal. True classic british tones with a tap of the foot.

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Z.VEX Pedals

Super Ringtone 16 Step Ring Modulator, Super Seek Wah, and Super Seek Trem, Fuzzalo Fuzz, Channel 2 Overdrive, Fuzz Factory 7 featuring black glass germanium transistors. 


We’ve all established that Z.VEX pedals is eccentric. Then we showed up to their booth and found it overrun by pirates. That eccentricity extends to their pedals. If strange and beautiful sounds be your bounty, you’ll find it in Z.VEX.


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Winter NAMM 2014 was filled with a whole host of new gear from manufacturers big and small. And, we here at were totally stoked to check out these companies for 30 Pedals in 30 Days and to follow up with them at Winter NAMM 2014.

Keep Rockin’!

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