Micro Tube Head Buyers Guide

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This is an ‘unofficial’ TTK Buyers Guide on Micro Tube Heads.   Here’s how to use the guide.  Amps are sorted by price (retail, taken from online retailers).  I own ALL of these heads, so my comments come from first hand from my own experiences.    Based on your budget, and what you’re looking for … this should put you in the right direction.  It also includes those that are USA made, which is there for those who want to support your local US economy.  PLUS – there is one observation … TAKE NOTE that ‘typically’ an import is produced oversees and imported to keep the cost down for the manufacturer and the consumer.  That does not appear to be the case for the Marshall Haze.  Seems like they’re selling you on the name, w/ out passing the savings of an import along to the consumer.  Hats off to Peavey for being able to produce a domestic product for LESS than some imports!  And, congrats to Peavey for keeping their imports at a price point that’s on par w/ the other sub $500 imported products.  I think their model takes the consumers budget into account, as they clearly pass along the savings in their import lines, and don’t rob you on their domestic lines either!!  Even their 6505 – what other USA made domestic amp sells for under 1k?  Anyway – don’t mistake my comments as bias – these were my observations when I bought, learned and realied that the Classic 30 was $549 and made here in the USA.  I hope the list below helps you out some! Signed, TTK.

1 Epiphone Valve Jr  $129.00   Price / Simplicity
2 Blackheart BH5H  $149.00   Price / EQ / Plexi style w/ IMO is pretty cool!
3 Vox AC4TVH  $199.00   Attenuator (If you like this – check out the Bugera V5 combo, which also has an attenuator and is $50 less.
4 Blackstar HT5  $299.00   2 Channels – US/UK voicings (pretty cool).  Plus – Blackstar makes one of the best 1×10 cabs I’ve ever seen (I own 5 of them :-).
5 Blackheart BH15H  $349.00   EQ w/ dedicated gain (If the BH5H is Marshall Plexi, this is the Marshall JCM series). 
6 Vox Night Train  $499.00   Clean / Gain Circuit.
7 Peavey Classic 30  $549.00 USA 2 channels, 4 EL84s (more tube power than any other amp in this list), w/ REAL spring reverb. (I guess they don’t call it a classic for nutin’).
8 Egnater Rebel 20  $599.00   Tube Mix / Wattage Control.  (Me personally – I think these features are oversold – but tone is subjective – try one for yourself).
9 Marshall Haze  $599.00   2 Channels w/ Digital Effects (I personally think $600 big ones are a lot for this amp). 
10 Randall RM20  $699.00 USA 2nd to none versatility w/ Boost.  If you can handle the upfront cost – this may be the last amp you’ll ever buy.  You can choose from over 20 something modules (Plexi, Soldano, Sig Series Lynch / Hammett, etc.).


I know there are others – but I was shooting for a top 10 list.  If you absolutely think others should be added – let me know what you have in mind.  Shoot over a note to info@TheToneKing.com w/ your feedback / comments.  Thanks !!

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