Mesa Boogie Mark Five: 25 Head and Cabinets are Here

8082E451-C972-4013-8C66-BC6D61112243Mesa/Boogie has finally released details about their new Mark V:25 head and cabinets, and boy, it’s a doozy. First off, just saying it’s a 25 watt version of the Mark V is like saying that Johnny Walker Blue is just another scotch. The Mark Five: 25 is 35 years of Mesa/Boogie engineering put into one of two classic casings. Sure, you got the classic Black Taurus Vinyl with Black Jute Grille that comes standard, but what really says class is the Tiger Eye Maple with the Cane Grille upgrade that Mesa is promoting. To hell with Johnny Walker Blue. We’ve moved into Macallan 25yr territory!




C2C8A8ED-6D42-410E-9DBB-A117FDFEDE4BJust like EVERYTHING that Mesa/Boogie makes, the Mark Five: Twenty-Five is designed and handcrafted in Petaluma California USA. 2 EL84s power this monster with 6x12AX7s working the preamp section. Mesa’s Multi-Watt Channel Assignable power amp lets players choose between 10 or 25 watts on either channel individually. Two fully independent channels with a total of 6 style modes. All-Tube, spring reverb with independent channel control and tube FX loop.

Ah. But the piece de resistance is the built-in CabClone.

lg_a3971d306a367677e2d8eaa7dafd988a“What is a CabClone?” you might ask.

Well, Mesa’s CabClone is a “cabinet simulator output with internal amp load and headphone output – featuring closed-back and open-back voicings, speaker on/off and ground lift switches”

Basically, if you’re looking to get that killer Mesa sound without blowing the hell out of the club, then the CabClone is where it’s at. The CabClone also has a Balanced Direct out that can go straight into the house PA.

The fact that they decided to include the CabClone into the Mark V:25 is pretty smart. Sometimes depending on where you are, any amp is going to be too loud. With the Mark V:25 10/25 switchable power and the CabClone, you’ll be able to get that signature Mesa Mark series tone no matter where you’re playing.



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