Line 6 Spider Valve HD100 TUBE Head – Number of the Beast preset – by none other than The Tone King

For those of you who say I talk too much … this one is for you 🙂 … Not a single peep from The Tone King!! Alrighty boys & girls – Ch, Ch, Check this out – A killer Line 6 TUBE amp head (Bogner designed). This is a VERY tiny sampling of what it can do, but since I declared May Iron Maiden month … I hope you enjoy the ‘Number of the Beast’ preset. It sounds amazing, and unlike a lot of other amps out there, this ‘modeling’ amp looks and feels just like it’s analog couterparts. Simple to use and sounds good too. I would not hesitate on taking this one out live. A true milestone for Line 6. AS ALWAYS – Your comments are appreciated. AND, if you haven’t done so already, subscribe!! Thanks for your support!! Signed, The Tone King. BTW – I know my playing isn’t the best, but hopefully you enjoyed the video anyway 🙂 !!

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