Jim Marshall: In Memoriam

Jim Marshall: In Memoriam

(July 29, 1923 – April 5, 2012)

Every rocker remembers the first time he or she saw the name Marshall. Chances are, it was repeatedly stamped on a seemingly endless wall of speakers towering above bands like The Who, Blue Oyster Cult, Metallica, or Slayer. Or it might’ve been seeing one of their favorite players cranking up a JCM900 or a 1968 Plexi. Regardless of where our memories of Marshall began, every one of us will always remember the awe that we felt when we first laid eyes on the name. By now, news of Jim Marshall’s passing has reached the ears of every rocker out there.

After fifty years of building the most popular amps out there, we will all feel the loss of losing one of the most important names in gear. Whether it’s seeing Slash put the spurs to his Silver Jubilee or listening to Nigel Tufnel explain why his Marshall amp goes to 11, the name Marshall will always be with us. Even though the man behind the amps is gone, the name Marshall will live forever.

And, as a final note … for those have been tuning in from day 1 – you’ll know that the very first TTK video ever released on YouTube was a Marshall Amp Shoot-Out, which speaks volumes for how we feel about the man & the brand.  In memory – here is Video #1 :

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