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Making boutique affordable. That’s what Jet City is all about. And, they do it in a way that most companies can only dream of; by going to the source. Jet City goes to the original builders of those boutique amps and works with them to produce a more affordable version of their beloved designs. And, it hasn’t stopped with amps. Jet City is poised to take the same approach to their line of pedals. For 30 Pedals in 30 Days, TheToneKing.com had a chance to check out the Jet City GuitarSlinger Hi-Gain Boost and see if they’ve managed to harness boutique tone in an affordable package.

Most of you are probably asking yourself, “Who the hell is GuitarSlinger?” This is a true test of a tone-junkie. To know about GuitarSlinger, you have to know about Alex Beyrodt.

Alexander Beyrodt is a virtuoso guitarist from Germany most famously known for the bands Sinner, Primal Fear, and Silent Force. He also likes to design pedals. So, why should you care about another German dude who likes to tinker with pedals? Because, GuitarSlinger’s one-at-a-time, hand-built pedals have become the Beluga Caviar of stompboxes, the Überboutique of effects. Admired and acclaimed by everybody who has played them, but known by very few, GuitarSlinger sums up their entire philosophy in four words. “Ton ist unsere Passion” – GuitarSlingerProducts.com

Alex met Doug White from Jet City when they worked together for Behringer. Long story long, Doug worked with Alex to create a version of one GuitarSlinger’s most coveted pedals.

Enter Jet City’s GuitarSlinger Hi-Gain Boost.

It’s got two knobs.

Some players think that; more switches = more tone. They crave pedals with switches, knobs, toggles, buttons, pulleys, and lots of pretty lights. But, these adornments of illusionary utility only tend to clutter up the works.

The Hi-Gain Boost is designed to give you the capability to cut through the mix during leads. But, it does much more.

Most boost pedals will only increase your volume. This pedal gives you boost with adjustable gain, which can be used to further shape your sound. On a clean channel it gives you boost with a bit of grit, warming up your sound. If you want it a little more grit, crank the gain. If you just want the boost, drop the gain. On your amps overdrive channel, the Hi-Gain Boost will help you dial in your tone by driving the tubes, while giving your more options for dialing in your tone.

Of course, Jet City knows to make these pedals durable if they expect players to keep them as part of their arsenal. To that end, the GuitarSlinger Hi-Gain Boost is housed in Aluminum and Steel, sturdy and lightweight.

Seasoned tone-junkies understand the need for pedals that don’t muck up their signal. The Hi-Gain Boost doesn’t strongly affect your tone. It accentuates it. While the gain certainly can be increased to darken your tone, it doesn’t overdo it. It’s a subtle change to give the player the ability to better cut through the mix. Sometimes, being louder isn’t enough, and you need to subtly tweak your tone to be heard.

Cleaner effects also help complement other pedals in your chain. Nothing is worse than a stompbox that changes your tone so much that your chorus or delay pedals have no idea how to handle it.

While there are some companies out there that rip other companies off, Jet City is going to the builders like Andy Marshall at THD and Mike Soldano and working with them to produce something that is their design in a more affordable package. They haven’t stopped there. By tapping into the GuitarSlinger line of pedals, Jet City is bringing players tone that they didn’t even know existed. The more TheToneKing.com hears from Jet City, the more we’re impressed with their ability to bring players these boutique sounds without a boutique price.



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Product Page: http://www.jetcityamplification.com/#!pedalsboxestools/c5o3

Unboxing Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i32057_OMqU

Official Full-On Demo & Reviewhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMgiDFOwbSE

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