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Is USED gear better? Mesa Boogie Rectifier Demo!


New or Used? … continue to read below …
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The age old question we all struggle with: Should I buy new, or used. Let’s face it- we all like new, but can’t always afford new. New gear is often worth saving up for — but when you see a deal, sometimes you have to take it!
In cases like Mesa Boogie — where cost if often an issue for many — you can always find a great deal on a used piece.
Here’s an example of a great deal I got on a Boogie Rectifier Series amp. I actually traded it for another amp I wasn’t using a whole lot, so the deal was even better! Looks and sounds fantastic!
Great name, great brand, great amp, great tone. This amp sells used for under $1000 (ranges at approximately $600-ish). It’s a great amp with great tone for $600 bucks. Worth checking out if you aren’t sure what your next purchase will be.
PLUS — as I said in the video — the Rectifier Series is a trademark sound. At Rectifier going used prices, they’re worth looking into, and worth having in the collection!

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