How every YouTube Video starts … ( and how to tune a guitar !!! )

Figured you’d like to see what happens before my videos

– This is how I align my audio (a common question)

– I always tune up right before each video (while holding the guitar) ! Guitars sitting on stands, or hanging by their neck can get out of tune, as they put different stress points on a guitar. Always tune how you are going to play!!!

– I also upgraded my Korg Pitchblack Plus to a Korg Pitchblack Poly. I was alway quick to wonder why you need a Polyphonic Tuner … but I have learned that it is a REALLY GOOD sanity check to hit ALL strings at full pitch to see which strings need some fine tuning.

AND … MOST IMPORTANTLY – I can SEE the Korg Tuner. In my lifetime, I have used Boss, Digitech, etc. Most tuners are VERY hard to see. Korg tuners are very EASY to see. In the dark, from a distance, on the floor – you’ll always see a Korg Tuner! I used to have a Sabine – and you were able to see it – but it sucked ass (stalled) between strings. You’d have to have dead silence (complete mute) for the unit to pick up the next string. Korg tuners are very reactive and very quick. NO latency at all. You hit a string – it IMMEDIATELY tells you what you need to do.

Hope this helped!
Rock ON!

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