Get Creative in 2023 – TASCAM can help your New Year’s resolution to get your music out of your brain and into the world

It turns out that we here at have spent the better part of 2022 checking out all the ways TASCAM can support a wide variety of musical and creative endeavors. Whether your out in a field capturing nothing but your voice, an acoustic guitar, and perhaps some natural ambience to running a professional-grade studio where power and flexibility are non-negotiables, we’ve figured out that TASCAM has everyone covered.

We wrote about the Portacapture X8 at the beginning of 2022 and our fandom of this inspiring little unit shows no signs of slowing. It seems some other folks dig this powerful little unit as well, as the folks at the ProMoviemaker newsletter bestowed one of its Gear of the Year awards for 2022 on the Portacapture X8, further validating its versatility and capability in the creative world. This is a great unit for anyone that wants a handheld he or she can grow into but values a straightforward, simple operational profile to get ideas down fast.

While not a self-contained recording unit, we also love the TASCAM Model 12, 16, and 24 integrated recording solutions that combine old-school tactileness of a classic mixing board with modern power and capability. The TASCAM Model 24 is a mainstay down in the Tone Lounge, helping TTK power live shows and product demos.

Every Model series workstation can support whatever workflow or creative endeavor you want to produce. Use the Model series’ integrated digital audio workstation (DAW) or stay faithful to your favorite external unit. Control the aural details at the turn of a knob with on-board compression and EQ or smarten up the sound with a plethora of other onboard effects. Track an album one hour and then record your podcast the next. Once you find the right configuration of inputs and connections among the three variations, chances are good it will end up as a mainstay in your Tone Lounge as well!

Of course, TASCAM is probably best known for the immortal PortaStudio. The cassette-based models are still out there for the taking, but it’s very easy to get the same intuitive operation and portability with the ease and convenience of digital recording with TASCAM’s newest generation of PortaStudio models. The top-of-the-line DP-32D provides 32(!) total tracks of recording (up to eight simultaneously), multi-effects, amplifier simulation, XLR and 1/4 inch connections, a full-color LCD screen, and all the tools needed to record, mix, and master in one standalone unit. It wasn’t so long ago that top-of-the-line professional recording couldn’t touch these sorts of capabilities. Now, it can all live on your favorite IKEA desk…

…or in your pocket, for that matter. The TASCAM DP-006 is a six-track multi-track recorder that easily fits in the inside pocket of that old jean jacket you’ve been rockin’ since 1992. Much like its slightly more sophisticated cousin, the Portacapture X8, you can plop yourself down in a verdant, pastoral setting and let inspiration guide those folk instrumentals you’ve been working on the past couple of years.

Don’t let the music die in you! Take the time to get your tunes down on…err…disk, and share those musical gifts with the world! TASCAM has exactly the tools you need to make it happen, whether you embrace rawness and spontaneity or thoroughly crafted pieces carefully tweaked for maximum impact. Gear should never be an impediment to inspiration; TASCAM can help set your inspiration free.

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