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30Pedals in 30 Days: Eventide Space Delay Pedal

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Let’s face it. For a pedal, $499 bucks is never an easy sell. On the other hand, for a rack piece, that’s a freaking bargain. Even if both pieces can do the same damn thing! It’s almost become an adage: On a rack, that’s a tall stack. On the floor, less is more.

But Eventide is willing to gamble that not only is their new Space Delay Stompbox worth it, but when players get an ear for what it’s capable of, they’ll be lining up with cash in hand. For 30 Pedals in 30 days, the Tone King had a chance to check out the latest from Eventide and see how it measures up.

Check back soon for the vid, but while you’re waiting, let’s get…

…Lost in Space.

Space Jam!

Comparing the Eventide Space Delay to any other delay pedal is like comparing a go-cart with the Millennium Falcon. Sure, go carts are fun for racing around the block, but if you’re involved in intergalactic warfare, you’d better hope that your turbines can crank out some light-speed with the pull of a lever.

Basically, Eventide took a rack processor, shrunk it down, and put it into a box that you can beat the hell out of night after night. Under the hood of this machine, you’ll find 12 of Eventide’s Signature Reverb Combo Algorithms. These are Eventide’s signature reverb combination effects pulled from the H8000FW, the Eclipse V4, as well as some new stuff that you haven’t heard before. Some of them are familiar verbs like Spring, Plate, and Hall. But, some of the true gems are newcomers like the MangledVerb, the TremoloVerb, and the Blackhole.

The MangledVerb sounds like Jimi Hendrix has come back from the dead and he’s trying to kill you. Space Zombie Hendrix? Angry and terrifying at the same time, it roars with a heavy distorted growl that sounds like it’s bouncing off the walls of hell.

The TremoloVerb is not a tremolo that has a verb, it’s a verb that has a tremolo. I’m not being philosophical. What this means is that the verb is affected by the tremolo and not the other way around. This also means that the tremolo affects the dissipating sound of the reverb instead of every sound that coming out of your amp.

The Blackhole is a completely different kind of animal. They say that if you travel too close to the event horizon of a black hole, your atoms will be slowly broken apart and spread out until you are slowly extruded out the other side.

That’s what the Blackhole sounds like.

Haunting and ethereal, it replicates the vast emptiness of space. Manipulating the decay either through “inverse-gravity” or “forward-gravity” chills the spine as your sound is twisted and spread out into a slowly dissipating wave.

Of course, these are just small sampling of Eventide’s signature reverb effects.

Some of the 100 presets are crafted by several famed producers including Flood and Alan Moulder (The Killers, NIN, Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine, 30 Seconds to Mars, PJ Harvey, and Them Crooked Vultures) and musicians like Vernon Reid (Living Colour) and Amedeo Pace (Blonde Redhead) With the help of these guys who know sound, Eventide has managed to create an enormous playground for players to get lost in. At the same time, it’s user friendly so most of the effects are just plug and play.

Within these presets, you can manipulate parameters such as Decay, Mix, FX Mix, and Delay, and save your preferences for easy access later. For some of the presets, though, you have the added feature of being able to manipulate other added effects, such as: Pitch Shifting, Tremolo, Modulation, and other spatial effects.

Besides for having a wide variety of spatial effects and studio quality sound, Eventide’s Space Delay is also Software Upgradeable, MIDI controllable, Tap Tempo and MIDI clock sync capable. It also has true analog bypass and can be used in either Mono or Stereo operation.

I guess you can fit a lot of stuff in space.

Space is endless and so are the possibilities of the Space Delay. While many players will be happy with the factory presets, the more technical ones will be playing with all of the available parameters until the universe crashes in on itself. Eventide’s Space Delay is more than your average pedal; it’s like having all of the capabilities of a rack piece, all in a small compact box. But, like the Doctor’s TARDIS, it’s bigger on the inside.

Make sure that you stay tuned to TheToneKing.com for the full video where we take Eventide’s Space Delay for a spin around the universe.

Space Jam!


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