ESP Guitars Debuts 80 New Guitar And Bass Models, Including Some Killer Signature Models

As you learned from the latest VLOG (below), we are captivated by a new ESP LTD George Lynch Model that will have it’s coming-out party at Winter NAMM 2016.   That model alone could steal the show at nearly any manufacturer’s NAMM booth, but the Burnt Tiger will have a whole lot of competition on it’s own home turf.  ESP will be rolling out the red carpet for 80 new guitar and bass models at the show.


This year, ESP welcomed a new member to it’s already formidable stable of artists: Glenn Tipton of Judas Priest.  Tipton’s name will adorn the LTD GT-600, a sick take on ESP’s Viper body shape.  ESP also welcomed Alan Ashby (Of Mice and Men), Mille Petrozza (Kreator), Marco Mendoza (Dead Daisies), and Ted Aguilar (Death Angel), and several more artists to the fold, each with his own LTD signature model.


On the established ESP artist front, Will Adler from Lamb of God will be showing off an updated WA-WARBIRD model.  Alex Skolnick can probably play just about anything on the planet, and he’s solely in the ESP/LTD camp; this year will see new takes on his ESP ALEX SKOLNICK FR and LTD AS-1FR FM guitars.  And while it doesn’t sound like they’ll be having their respective unveilings at Winter NAMM 2016, new ESP models for Metallica’s James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett are right around the corner.


Phew! We need a second to catch our breath.  OK, onward and upward!


The Snapper, ESP’s take on a classic double cutaway design, is simultaneously familiar and fresh, while the Stream brings a bit of a psychedelic, artsy twist to line known for sleek curves and silhouettes.  Of course, a stalwart of the ESP line (and this author’s favorite ESP model), the Horizon series, looks as cool as ever.


The LTD 200 and 400 series instruments have long been known for delivering massive value, and now fans of those guitars and basses will have a smorgasbord of new selections.  Within the 200 series, the new LTD F-200B baritone is ready to rattle some bones, and the SN and TE lines, which blend traditional styling with modern features, have an array of new models and finish options available.


The exceedingly popular 400 series also has a swath of fresh additions.  Inspired by customers requests for an evolved EX body shape, the LTD EX-401 and LTD EX-401 FR (for “Floyd Rose”) features a smooth heel joint for fantastic accessibility up the neck.  The TE-401, TE-401FM, TE-417 seven string models bring the famous T-style shape into the modern era, while players looking to break into the 400 series need look no further than LTD-H401 QM.


Players can check out all the 2016 ESP goodness here .  It’s a lot to take in, but it’ll be time well spent; 2016 is looking like a fantastic year for the ESP family of instruments, and we here at are looking forward to checking out all these new beauties in person.

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