What’s That In Your Pocket? Review of Electro-Harmonix (EHX) 22 Caliber Guitar Amp Head

March 16, 2010

What’s That In Your Pocket?

Review of EHX 22 Caliber Guitar Head

by Marc Johnson for TheToneKing.com

Yep, it’s an amp that fits in your pocket. We know what you’re saying. “How does it sound?” Well, TheToneKing.com recently got our hands on the Electro-Harmonix 22 Caliber guitar amp, and we have to say: “It sounds pretty damn good.”

The 22 Caliber is pedal-size 22-watt Class D amp. It’s rated for anything between 8-16 ohms. So, you can plug it into any speaker cabinet, even a 4×12, and this little beast will run it. With a single Volume and a Bright switch, the 22 Caliber reacts well with your guitar to offer you a full range of dynamic tones from clear cleans to raging distortions.

For a contrast between different clean tones, check out what we got at the beginning and near the end of the video. Around the two-minute mark, the 22 Caliber was at twelve-o’clock and the volume on the guitar was rolled back, and we were getting a warm clean tone, great for some dark minor chords. Later on, about six and a half minutes in, even though the 22 Caliber was cranked, we were able to get something with a little more clarity.

The 22 Caliber definitely had some guts to it, too. Just as easy as it was finding some cool cleans, we were able to get some meaty gain when we cranked the guitar. Plug into it with some high-output pickups, crank everything to eleven, and wail away! This thing will roar and sing with the best of them. And check out the feedback at about five and a half minutes in!

You know at TTK we like gear, so it was easy for us to take this thing home, but the 22 Caliber is hard to turn down for any musician. It’s less than a hundred bucks – good luck finding anything else at even twice that price – and it fits in your pocket. Whether you’re looking for a first amp or you’re looking for a backup for your regular rig, the 22 Caliber is hard deal to pass up.

Watch the video review by clicking PLAY below :

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