EarthQuaker Devices : ARPANOID polyphonic pitch arpeggiator and THE DEPTHS optical vibe machine

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Polyphonic Pitch Arpeggiator


The Depths

Optical Vibe Machine

EarthQuaker Devices to debut Arpanoid Polyphonic Pitch Arpeggiator and The Depths Optical Vibe Machine at Summer NAMM 2013

See The Depths in action here

The Depths Optical Vibe Machine
Coming September 2013
The Depths is our take on the classic optical vibe circuit. It creates a lush, phasing pulse which delivers a three-dimensional swirling sound. The Depths has been optimized to work well with all types of instrument, pickup types and to play well with dirt. With it’s “Voice” and “Throb” controls, The Depths can achieve sounds from thin and subtle to warm and deep and everything in between. The “Intensity” and “Rate” will go from a smooth, ultra-slow warble all the way to speedy, sharp bursts allowing you to get more than just the classic vibe sounds. The “Level” will allow you to boost the signal well above unity to make up for any perceived volume loss commonly found in vibe pedals. In addition to all that, The Depths can be powered by 9v for warmer tones or up to 18v for a stiffer tone with more headroom and sparkle. All analog, true bypass and handmade one at a time in Akron, Ohio.

• Voice control to tailor The Depths to every set up and allow operation anywhere
in the signal chain and on a variety of instruments.
• Control over the low end throb
• Classic photocell construction
• Adjustable volume to boost or cut the signal
• 9-18v Operation
• Small footprint, measures 4 5/8″ x 2 1/2″ x 2.25″. Top mounted jacks.
• Hand made one at a time in Akron, Ohio.
• MAP: $195.00 USD

Arpanoid Polyphonic Pitch Arpeggiator
Coming October 2013
The first dedicated compact polyphonic pitch arpeggiator effect pedal for electrical guitar! With 8 intuitive and expandable modes, the Arpanoid will work on complex chords as well as single notes in any key. The modes range from one octave down through the root, root through one octave up, one octave down through one octave up and random mode in both major and minor keys. The Step control selects how many notes there are in the sequence, which determines the overall feel and timing of the cycle. The Rate adjusts the speed of the cycle from a slow climb through a fast glide, the center toggle switch changes the direction of the cycle from up, down or up/down and the Wet and Dry controls adjust the levels and the mix. All analog dry signal, true bypass and handmade one at a time in Akron Ohio.

• The first dedicated polyphonic pitch arpeggiator for electrical guitar!
• 8 Intuitive programs with control over speed, direction and steps
• Adjustable volume for wet and dry signal
• 9v Operation
• Small footprint, measures 4 5/8″ x 2 1/2″ x 2.25″. Top mounted jacks.
• Hand made one at a time in Akron, Ohio.
• MAP: $225.00 USD


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