Crate V5 video shoot-out answer. Click here.

Crate V5 – So, which did you like? A or B?  

If you chose A, that’s good news, because the amp is 100%  stock – go buy it 😉  

If you chose B, that includes a speaker upgrade. I loaded up a 10″ Celestion G10-Vintage. An inexpensive, DIY (Do It Yourself) upgrade that can make any inexpensive amp sound better!!  

So, here’s the real question – Why did I buy this amp? Here’s why … 

I was in the market for a 10″ speaker cabinet. On eBay, they range somewhere between $75-100 for a used one, or upwards of 150 bucks for a new one!!! That’s a lot of bucks!!   So … Musicians Friend was having a 20% off sale (Black Friday), and these bad boys have 10″ speakers. So, with free shipping, I bought the amp(s) for $79.99/ea. That is almost 1/2 the price of a new 1×10″ cabinet on eBay.  The moral of the story is this. Sometimes you can save a little $$ by being crafty with your purchases. If you want a 1×12 cabinet, but can get a 1×12 combo cheaper, rip out the chassis, and viola – you are all set! More cashola in your pocket, and mission accomplished.  


Here’s the real cherry on top – For $79.99, I now have a 1×10″ combo and/or cabinet WITH a tube amp!!!  How can you go wrong?? Now last but not least … if you DO want a 1×10″ guitar cabinet I’d strongly suggest this cabinet. Here’s why :  

– It’s made of PLYWOOD – not particle board.  

– It’s finished on the outside AND inside (which is super cool for an open back cab – after all, who likes looking at bare wood on an open back??  

– It comes with handle, METAL corners, rock solid rubber feet and is easy to work on. Nuff said!!   


Above – inside of a marshall 1×10 cabinet.   


Above – inside of the Crave V5 enclosure.  

To compare to a popular 1×10 cabinet, typically found and sold on eBay for about $75-100 bucks (can’t buy new as a stand-alone 1×10 – it only comes as a mini stack set w/ another cab & head) … This above is the inside of a Marshall MG series 1×10″ cabinet. Particle board, unfinished, held together with glue. Next to it is the Crate, loaded with the Celestion. The Crate is constructed of plywood, finished on the inside & out, supported with wood screws, WAS cheaper, and can be used as a 1×10 cabinet or a 1×10 all tube combo amp. No brainer??? Some more pics for your viewing pleasure 🙂 …   


Chassis – all tube. Pretty cool.








Crate speaker (smallest magnet), Marshall MG speaker, Celestion (largest magnet).  


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