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Cleartone Monster Heavy Series Strings


9509-CoverYour strings are the first point of contact between you and your sound. Crap strings. Crap sound. So, when heard about Cleartone Monster Heavy Series Strings and how they’re 36% louder and last up to 3-5 times longer than conventional strings, we had to check them out.

Coated strings offer one clear advantage over non-coated strings. They last a hell of a lot longer. But, for many players, they have too many disadvantages. To them, coated strings are like playing with condoms wrapped around your strings. No feel. Dull tone. Plastic sound. Besides, the coating tends to grind off, leaving behind a pasty mix of shredded coating, pick dust, and sweat.

Cleartone strings claims to have the answer. While Cleartone strings are treated and coated, it’s impossible to see any coating on them at all. It’s like the protection without the condom.

Cleartone Monster Heavy Series strings are specifically designed for heavy players. Specifically treated to provide ToneLOCK™ and VolumeBOOST™. VolumeBOOST™ is a result of the “enhanced core to wrap ratio and extra heavy duty construction in combination with Cleartone’s patented volume enhancing treatment.” All of this results in a string that rings out up to 36% louder than non-coated strings according to studies done by independent tone labs.

ToneLOCK™ is a result of the “No Feel” coating on all six strings. Some coated strings won’t bother treating the plain strings, but Cleartone doesn’t leave them out of the mix. ToneLOCK™ keeps your strings sounding just as fresh as the day you first put them on for 3-5 times longer than traditional strings.

The Cleartone Monster Heavy Series strings are available in 9-42 gauge all the way through to 14-80 for Drop “A” tuning. They also have 7-string sets if six ain’t enough for you.

Line 6 is all about tone. With all of the thought players put into their tone, it’s surprising how often strings get overlooked. And, with all of the drawbacks of coated strings, it’s been hard for players to move beyond traditional strings. With Cleartone’s Monster Heavy Series, they might’ve figured it out. Finally, a coated string that’ll let you shred without shredding your strings.




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