Canon T5i DSLR Camera Unboxing PLUS T5i vs Nikon 7100 & DSLR vs Video Camcorder

Enjoy this unboxing of the T5i. I also answer LOTS of questions in this video, so if you are torn between a DSLR & a Video Camera (Camcorder) or torn between the Canon and the Nikon 7100 … look no further, because I address all of those items.
Plus — I also explain why the T5i is perhaps the best for YouTubers (like me) and for those who are wanting to get into Photography pits (like Summer Tours, Mayhem Style Fests, etc.).

First – I love the Canon. Price point for the body & the lens (18-135) is approx 1,000 USD. This is half price of the NIKON, AND … this camera is made for video guys like me! The flip out camera, and the new STM motor is QUIET and FAST!!! ~ Perfect for Video!

Second — With this kit lens, truth is — you most likely will not need any other lens as this covers great range! (For me anyway).

NOW — as for this OR a Video Camera (Camcorder) … depending on what you’re trying to do … it’s going to be a tough decision. I am a video guy, and I need to run & gun for interviews and such — so I naturally went with the Canon XA20. Not cheap, but is perfect for what I do. BUT … in times where Video is NOT allowed (like @ concerts, photography pits, etc.), having a DSLR is important, so you don’t get escorted out of the venue!!!

PLUS — if you ever have a problem with your Video Camera — your DSLR is a perfect back-up, and if you ever have a problem with your DSLR — your Video Camera can also shoot stills … so the same way you’d travel with a spare card or a spare battery — in this case, you are traveling with 2 still cameras and 2 video cameras … perfect to catch every piece of video and every perfect shot!

Hope you dig the video!! ENJOY!

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GALLERY LINKS (taken w my Canon HG20 Video Camera).
Note : these pics were scaled down for the web (to 800×600).

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