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Blackstar HT-DRIVE Tube (Valve) Pedal Demo & Review ~ TTK Style! (Overdrive Pedal)


Folks, last up in a series of 3 Blackstar HT pedal videos is the HT-Drive. Unlike my DistX and Dist reviews (check em out if you haven’t already) … in this review I use the standard out, into the Series One 50 amp, so you can hear how to use this pedal to ‘overdrive’ the front end of the amp!

Sweet sounds fo sho, and more importantly … the same goodness in this pedal, as in the other HT series pedals (all tube, cascaded gain, operates at 300v like an amp, speaker emulated out for studio / recording situations, and rock solid, metal construction!)

As usual, I hope you enjoy this video! Sincerely, TTK! Rock ON!

Line 6

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