5 + 1 Reasons to Help Fund The Future of Gear!

Since rolling out our intentions to shoot a documentary titled The Future of Gear, the response has been amazing. We’ve been inundated with emails, posts, shares, and likes on our YouTube channel. While those things are great and we look forward to working to everyone who’s volunteering their time to this project, we’re still a long way from our funding goal. So, I thought I would help you out with some reasons why you should help fund this documentary:


1 – There’s Nothing Like It! 

There’s ton of speculation from a ton of different people, but no one has had such an ambitious goal. We’re talking to everyone! The Creators; The Investors; The Manufacturers; The Sellers; And, of course, The Players. No stone will be left unturned.


2 – No Spin! 

What you get from those magazines is spin. They want to keep their advertisers happy. We can’t blame them, but that’s why we’re taking this to the people. The Future of Gear will be funded by you!  We’re going to show you what’s going on in the industry, warts and all.


3 – It’s Inexpensive 

We’ve been creating quality NAMM and spotlight videos for years. And, we’ve been doing them for next to nothing. So, we know how to work within a tight budget. Funding options start at $5 bucks and go up from there.


4 – Exclusive! 

While all of our videos up until this point have been free, we decided that if we were going to ask for funding, we had to make this series exclusive to contributors to the cause. It wouldn’t be fair to the people who have contributed to slap the video up on YouTube for everyone else to see.


5 – Made By Fans For Fans! 

The whole reason TheToneKing.com exists is because we’re all fans of guitar related gear. And, this is our magnum opus. It’s time to get to the heart of what’s going on in the industry.


+1 – You Decide How Big This Gets

The closer we come to our goal, the better the documentary will be. We have a few things that we’re able to do locally, but to get to the heart of the matter, we have to go worldwide with this shit. Plane tickets, hotels, and car rentals all cost money. We’re just a couple of working stiffs. We have our day jobs, but believe me, we don’t have enough money to do this on our own. The more resources we have, the bigger this thing’ll get. And the resources are up to you guys.

If you want to help us go all the way with this thing, then jump over to our IndieGoGo page by clicking the banner below and help fund this documentary. The closer we come to our goal, the more we will be able to do.


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About the Author: Marc published his first novel Becoming in 2010. It’s a kick-ass book with monsters and dreams and stuff, and you should buy it. Since then, he’s written thousands of articles for TheToneKing.com, many of which have been picked up for circulation by manufacturers and other news outlets. His next book, Drugs and Pancakes, should be available early 2014 if his alcoholic editor can find time to work on it in-between destroying his liver and screaming about punctuation. He graduated from Roosevelt University with honors, which means that he’s not as dumb as he looks. He’s been playing guitar for over 25 years, which is almost twice as long as most of his students have been alive.

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