30 Pedals in 30 Days 2015: Red Witch ZEUS Bass Fuzz Suboctave



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If you don’t know your Greek mythology, Zeus was a mega badass who porked anything on two legs (and some things on four) and would shove a lightning bolt up your ass sideways if you gave him any shit for doing it. So, ZEUS is not a surprising name for a pedal that could make your bass hit harder than thunder. For 30 Pedals in 30 Days 2015, Joe Fazio of TheToneKing.com rode the lightning and checked out this pedal of the gods—the ZEUS Bass Fuzz Suboctave.

Because we wanted to give Red Witch’s ZEUS a proper play through, we threw it to Joe Fazio. A native of the underworld of low end, Joe would give the ZEUS the turn that it deserves. And, he didn’t disappoint. What we found was that the ZEUS was a bass fuzz suboctave pedal so good, that guitar players are going to want to steal it. And, yes. Joe. That includes me.

Essentially two pedals in one, the ZEUS is both a silicon fuzz and an analog suboctave. “But a suboctave fuzz for bass? How can such a thing exist within the realm of sonic possibility?” you might say. And, I would answer, “Hades if I know. But, Red Witch figured it out.”

Balancing between brutal growl, pitches that emanate from hell itself, and clarity is a difficult act. Fortunately, Red Witch handles it with grace. Players can use the fuzz or suboctave sections independently or in conjunction—both have true bypass and can be mixed to taste. The growl of Hades’ hellhound or the low resonant thud of Hephaestus’ hammer. Players can harness the power of one at a time. Or, if they’re truly looking for an otherworldly experience, they can use both together.

It’s difficult to have clarity at such a low register and when you couple that with adding fuzz into the mix, it’s downright impossible. But, Red Witch has done the impossible. Somehow they’ve managed to give us just enough growl and low end without losing control. Impressive to say the least.

Red Witch has been on our radar for a long time. The fact that everything we’ve played from them has been kick ass has blown our minds. Maybe summoning Zeus was the right call. Somehow, it’s resulted in building a fuzz, suboctave pedal for bass that manages to sound like it’s come directly from hell itself. All hail the ZEUS Bass Fuzz Suboctave for on this 30 Pedals in 30 Days, it’s shown us what the gods can do.



  • Independent Analog Fuzz for bass
  • Independent suboctave for bass – 100% analog
  • Independent wet/ dry mix for each
  • Internal Fuzz master volume trimmer
  • Internal Octave master volume trimmer
  • Ultra Unique design – nothing like this on the market
  • Full frequency response
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Gorgeous Chrome Enclosure


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