2019 GEAR PREDICTIONS – TTK End of Month / End of Year Live Show – NAMM2019

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5:20 VHT Cabinet Update
7:40 Weber Z-Matcher Impedance Matcher
11:05 1 More Female Artists
16:44 2 More Recycled Product
21:22 3 More Pedals that Promise the Sound of an Amp Channel.
28:33 4 Less Tubes
34:44 5 More Manufacturer YouTubers
41:55 – Should we do an ACACIA GUITARS Special Run?
47:05 6 Domestic Outsourcing
1:02:40 7 Better Affordable Gear
1:10:28 8 Are FADS here to stay (multiscale, faded / dipped, relic’d, roasted maple necks, auto tuners, apps, etc.)
1:20:04 9 BC Rich Changed Hands
1:23:26 VHT Cabinet
1:25:19 New Carvin Wireless UX1200R Unit
1:31:27 Z-Matcher
1:31:35 Quilter INTERBLOCK 45
1:40:19 YouTube Drama Discussed

If you are attending NAMM2019, NAMM’19, NAMM19 – Be on a look out to see if these predictions are in fact TRUE (or false), and feel free to comment below. THANK YOU! m/ Happy New Year!

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