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As we here at TheToneKing.com were returning all of the useless shit that some of our “friends” got us over the holidays, we started thinking about what we were going to do with the extra cash. Of course, it’s got to be gear. And, it just so happens that DigiTech put out two new pieces that we’ve had our eye on; the Mosaic 12-String Effect Pedal and the Polara Reverb. Inspired, we thought we would check out DigiTech’s new gear in this 2 part series

Whether it’s for classics like More Than a Feeling or Stairway to Heaven or newer tunes like John Butler’s Ocean or SRV’s Rude Mood, the 12-string sound is an integral part of every guitarist’s arsenal. And thanks to DigiTech’s Mosaic Polyphonic 12-String Effect Pedal, that doesn’t mean that you need to lug around another guitar.

Besides for being *1/32 the size of a full sized 12-string acoustic, the Mosaic is a **thousand quadrillion times more versatile. First, you can turn the pedal from on to off. “No shit!” you may scream at your screen in frustration. But, guess what Mr. Angry Andy Anderson? You can’t do that with an acoustic. You’re married to that bulky bastard from the first to the last strum. What’s more is that players can arrive at a plethora of different 12-string sounds by tweaking a knob or two.

The Mosaic is elegantly easy to use. Even with only two controls to wrap your twisted mind around, the Mosaic’s versatility is only measured by the limits of your imagination. A Tone control increases the amount of high-frequency enhancement being added while the Level control determines the intensity of the effect. Whatever 12-String sound you’re looking for, you can find it. Personal favs include: Plugging in a PRS SE  adding a touch of 12-string effect with a grinding fuzz and just a hint reverb. Or try pulling the fuzz, increasing both the Tone and Level controls, and dropping in a bit of chorus for a freaking huge sound.

Whether it’s used as a full on 12-String emulator or simply to add a bit more beef to an existing guitar tone, the Mosaic continues DigiTech’s tradition of making pedals that are as functional as they are great sounding. Stay tuned for TheToneKing.com’s DigiTech coverage when we check out the Polara.



*Size is based off of me drunkenly stumbling around and measuring a Mosaic against a Seagull 12 String. I should also mention this was in the dark. And I was under great duress, although I don’t remember why.

 **See above note about my measuring methodologies and accuracy.

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