Dave Murray Strat Guitar Review


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  1. StratDen says:

    The Dave Murray Strat builds off the already accurate ’57 AVRI and then superbly incorporated so very accurately the changes Murray made that became known and popular in the early 80’s. I hand selected mine from a few examples my dealer had in stock, and this guitar will be with me until I die. It’s that awesome. The DiMarzio PAF ’36th Anniversary and Super Distortion are perfection personified.

  2. agy.040 says:

    love it, i’ve got three different maple – neck monster’s.
    rock on, – agy.040

  3. gitar akoru says:

    wowwwww great !!!

  4. Daniel C. says:

    I have always stuggled with purchasing artist specific products as they are the same quality as the original version of it just with some changes, for twice the amount of money.

  5. Dave Gonsalves says:

    Great Review !!!!! Killer Tone !

  6. Peter Ancona says:

    Good review as always. Question: Are the pickups (brand ohm ect.) the same as the original, and what amp were you using? Sounds Great! Thanks for the guitar review.

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