PANAMA Shaman II Unboxing & Speaker Shoot-Out LIVE!!!

Did a few things in the video. (a) Unboxed the Shaman II. (b) Hooked up 2 cabs to it using a Radial Switcher. (c) Tried the PRS SE with it. (d) Mic’d it all up. (e) Another sound sample between the Celestion EVH & Celestion Lynchback. Lots of set-up & samples. All stuff I would have done anyway, to set up for a shoot-out video. Thanks to everyone who tuned in. Enjoy!

Gear : Panama Shaman II. Acacia Guitars Hades Custom. Paul Reed Smith (PRS) PRS Custom 22. Radial ToneBone Cabinet Switcher. Carvin VX Series Birch Cabinets. PRA Audio Wireless. Analysis Plus Guitar Cables. Blue Microphones.

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